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Art Of Man And God

Fine Elegance And Beautiful Jewelry At One's Fingertips

Under the intriguing business name of ‘Art de L'Homme et Dieu - Art of Man and God,’ Naftali Presser started creating one-of-a-kind jewelry in Nashville in 2020.

“Jewelry is the quintessential example of the juxtaposition of gemstones drawn directly from nature, as the God part, still in a relatively preserved form and then transformed via the work of cutters, designers and craftsman, into the works they are, as the mankind part,” he explains.

Naftali believes the name perfectly highlights the unique nature of jewelry art.

The first collection of Art of Man and God jewelry features pendants, rings, both classic and transformable necklaces, as well as earrings of various forms.

While living in the West End/Green Hills area and working as a surgeon at the Ascension St. Thomas West Transplant Center, he says his creations were, and still are, inspired by his own life experiences, nature and history. “For example, our upcoming 2023 collection will feature, among others, works inspired by the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, as well as the plumage of the members of the order Psittaciformes (parrots, cockatoos, macaws)."

Naftali says his jewelry pieces can be purchased through the company’s website, or by arranging virtual showings. They also can accommodate personal showings for specific pieces. “We also display at several jewelry shows, such as the New York Jewelry and Watch show.

“During the coming year, we’ll likely exhibit at a few national shows, as well as possibly our first foray into the international market,” he adds.

Additionally, during 2023, Naftali says he plans to release two lines:  The Seven Wonders Collection and the main collection slated to be released during the summer.  “We’re also partnering with a few strategic jeweler partners to exhibit some of our pieces,” he adds, with a smile.

"Our jewelry allows customers to add something beautiful and unforgettable to their hand or jewelry collection."

Facebook:  Art de L'Homme et Dieu - Art of Man and God (from French translation)