Art of Touch

Tulsa massage therapist Carolyn Adelaide’s personal approach to relaxation and relief

At Art of Touch, a massage isn’t just an Enya-filled, lavender-scented 30 minutes on a table. It’s an hour - or more - of carefully targeted tension relief and relaxation.

“It’s an experience where my clients are able to shut down from the outside world,” Art of Touch massage therapist Carolyn Adelaide says.

Massage therapy wasn’t Adelaide’s first career, but she says it was her first truly fulfilling one.

After working in fields like behavioral health and public service, Adelaide became a massage therapist nine years ago. And in January 2019, she opened her own practice, Art of Touch. She says at Art of Touch, clients aren’t just numbers.

“Every client feels important and heard,” she says. “It is a constant joy to serve them.”

At clients’ first appointments, Adelaide spends time pinpointing clients' key issues by palpating the body, a technique massage therapists use to evaluate muscle health.

She says massage has more benefits than many realize. From increasing range of motion and muscle definition to releasing stress-reducing endorphins, massage can provide many of the same benefits of strength training without all the work. Adelaide is focused on providing clients with real, impactful results like these that take time to achieve. 

“An hour is the minimum it would take to accomplish real relief,” she says.

Adelaide has put in her own time, too. She spent months studying topics like anatomy and pathology as she trained to become a massage therapist and still takes courses to serve her clients with the latest techniques. She even traveled to Thailand in 2017 to learn more about Thai massage therapy, an experience that inspired her to incorporate stretching into every massage session.

Adelaide says massage is for everyone: people with chronic pain or circulation issues, those struggling with depression or even difficult experiences like trauma, and people who just need an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“It gives someone the ability to receive therapeutic touch in a safe environment,” she says.

Art of Touch is located at 4835 S Fulton in Tulsa, OK. To schedule a massage visit www.massagebook.com/Tulsa~Massage~ArtofTouch1 or call 918.900.8816.

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