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An Overland Park couple possessed gallery-worthy modern art pieces, but not yet the showcase for them. So they turned to Arlene Ladegaard, principal designer at Design Connection, Inc., to transform their newly-purchased contemporary home into an art-collector’s dream space.

Ladegaard drew design inspiration from their collection – settling on a color palette of corals, oranges, and blues – to create a styled space allowing art to be the focal point.

“Since the artwork was so outstanding, the other elements work off it to create a unique feeling in the home,” Ladegaard says.

One example of this is in the dining room, where the light fixture, furnishings and rug were all specially selected to bring to life three coordinating pieces of art. Another case-in-point is the living room, where Ladegaard refreshed an existing sectional sofa with new back cushions and color-pop pillows that draw the eye to the adjacent art and custom-built Courtesan Oak floating cabinet.

Design Connection, Inc. managed the whole-home renovation from start to finish. Ladegaard viewed the home with the clients, coordinated their wish list and selected a contractor to complete the remodeling portion of the project. She reviewed drawings and elevations and specified all the materials used in the project, from tile and countertops to paint and stain colors, light fixtures, and carpeting.

Clients purchased the modern and minimalistic furniture, area rugs and accessories – many of them one-of-a-kind pieces – under Ladegaard’s guidance from some of her favorite vendors in California.

Some areas, like the bathroom, were conceived and designed as completely new spaces, while other areas, like the kitchen, were freshened with new facades, countertops, and backsplash.

Although blending old and new finishes and furnishings could represent a potential design challenge, Ladegaard achieved a cohesive feel throughout the home by keeping the natural elements and colors consistent.

At the end of a nine-month renovation period, the project was complete and the client ready to move into their spacious, modern home.

Although she says her Midwest clients don’t typically lean this modern, this home’s natural contemporary style comes easily to Ladegaard with her sourcing connections and her love for using natural elements in a variety of ways.

Arlene Ladegaard is the principal designer at Design Connection, Inc., an award-winning design firm in Overland Park. She can be reached at 913.851.8776. You may view other projects at DesignConnectionInc.com.

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