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The multimedia wall behind the Sushi Bar gives a lively, modern aesthetic.

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Artisan Sushi

Shumi Omakase Serves Refined Japanese Cuisine

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Phillip Slaughter

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Providing guests with exquisite dining experiences that intertwine all five human senses is the goal of David Seo, sushi chef and owner of Shumi Omakase restaurant. 

He says while shumi in Japanese means “hobby,” the key to his restaurant's innovation lies in the name of its most popular dish: “omakase,” which translates to, “I leave it up to you.” It essentially puts the decisions and tones of meals in chefs' hands.

"Shumi’s traditional omakase uniquely introduces and presents sushi to newcomers and aficionados alike," explains David, who studied with Master Chef Kunihiko Aikasa. "When you dine Omakase, the chef presents each piece of sushi and gives guests the full experience behind each one. In the old, traditional way, chefs made sushi on wooden boards in front of customers. Now, we delight in explaining what's occurring."

Born and raised in Fukushima, Japan, Kunihiko founded and pioneered what’s typically considered the top Japanese restaurant in New Jersey: Shumi.

As a native of Seoul, Korea, David is a seasoned culinary veteran with 20-plus years of Japanese cuisine knowledge. Throughout his career, he worked with some of New York’s finest and most revered Japanese restaurants.

"People enjoy seeing how we prep their food, hearing about Japanese culture and smelling when we caramelize items so that when they taste their meal, all their senses come together through a memorable pace and ambiance," David says. 

Shumi Omakase's menu includes small plates, appetizers, special rolls, entrees, teriyaki bowls, Shumi fried rice, ramen noodles and sushi and sashimi. The restaurant also provides an expansive open bar, including sake and Japanese beer.

"Interacting with guests and personalizing their experiences are our very important goals," David says. "We truly enjoy our relationships with customers, and love their questions."

His fare is now available at catered events and cafeterias, and he partners with his nearby Marriott.

For fall, David spotlights new and special menu items, such as Miyazaki beef, a bluefin tuna bowl, salmon mozzarella, cochin shrimp bowl and salmon sashimi pizza. He adds that their "Chirashi Chef's Choice" option actually can include tasting up to 35 individual pieces if one keeps asking for more!

The simplistic, modern aesthetic of this Shumi restaurant completes noteworthy, impressive culinary encounters. 

7161 Bishop Road

  • Floor to ceiling windows allow for a lot of natural light.
  • Shumi Omakase Executive Chef David Seo meticulously crafts his dishes for taste and aesthetics.
  • The multimedia wall behind the Sushi Bar gives a lively, modern aesthetic.
  • “Omakase” means, “I leave it to you." For sushi, it refers to the chef’s special tasting menu.
  • Shrimp Crunch is one of the most popular appetizers.