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Frances Tate Paints The Town

A Decatur Artist Paints Stories Future Generations Must Know.

Why is it important to tell the story of Old Town? 
Old Town was the first community established in the city of Decatur in 1821. The first hospital in the city was built and operated by a black physician and surgeon, Dr. Willis E. Sterrs. The community had its own black doctors, dentist, lawyers, shop owners, and churches. The Scottsboro Boys Trials were held in Decatur and the Scottsboro Boys Civil Rights Museum is currently in development. 

Why did you want to learn to paint after retirement?
After retiring from BellSouth, I did contract work which took me all over the U.S. I observed how other communities were telling their stories using visual art, and I thought what a great opportunity to preserve, promote, educate and share the rich history of Old Town, but I had to learn how to draw and paint first, so I did.

How important is it to you to use the landscape around you?
I use water from the Tennessee River to paint. It's symbolic of the unity and flow of Old Town. The river has such beauty and many families used it for their livelihoods. 

What do you love about living in Alabama? 
Alabama has a huge Civil Rights history. We should tell the true stories whether good or bad, so future generations will not make the same mistakes. They need to know the struggles of our parents, grandparents and beyond.

To arrange an art viewing, please call 256.353.7805.