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Artistic Eye Sets this Pottery Apart

WLR Pottery Offers Unique Pieces + Functional Art

You may be familiar with a Potter whose implement of choice is a wand, but local to Colorado Springs is another potter who prefers a kiln. 

Colorado Springs native Wendy Iaconis has a passion for pottery and has been designing and creating stunning wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces for more than 20 years. She spent her early days showing her pieces at festivals and events, but as the demand for her unique and expressive pieces grew, she eventually opened her very own studio: WLR Pottery.

“I remember being part of a group tent that was selling pottery at a local art festival," she said. "It was so much fun and super rewarding. I loved talking with potential customers and sharing knowledge about our craft. Shortly thereafter, WLR Pottery was born.”

Artistic Eye

Seeing Wendy’s unique pottery pieces makes it easy to understand how her artistic eye sets her apart.

“My pieces are reflective of the very earth from which they are shaped," she said. "I find tremendous joy and inspiration turning a ball of clay into an artistic vessel that someone will use and enjoy.”

After receiving formal training in ceramics at the University of Denver, Wendy has continued to refine her pottery skills at workshops and conferences throughout the US and internationally, striving to expand her knowledge and gleaning further inspiration.

“I think I have a simple, delicate look to my functional pots that is enhanced by my glaze colors. I also enjoy making pieces that are a little more unique; tea steepers, travel mugs with locking ceramic lids, and microwave popcorn bowls to name a few. I think my horsehair pots are pretty unique, as well. I like to use the longer-tail hair strands that I can continuously wrap around the pot and my firing technique creates a beautiful, highly contrasted surface.”

Promoting Community

Wendy shines through her artistic ability, but also thrives on contributing to the community as evidenced by her enthusiasm for engaging with customers at events and festivals along with volunteering at schools.

“I volunteer at School in the Woods for their annual tile project," she said. "I love working with the kids, often helping them explore beyond their comfort zones.”

Luckily for Colorado Springs residents, Wendy and her work are here to stay. 

“Colorado Springs is our home, and the art community is amazing," she said. "I have met the most wonderful people and artists through my pottery making and feel very lucky to be a part of the arts here. And it just keeps getting more exciting!”

You can find Wendy’s brilliant work at Gallery 113, Kreuser Gallery, Poor Richard's and Reserve—her gallery in Woodland Park.  

Facebook + Instagram: @springspottery