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Luke Caldwell

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Why We Love Timber and Love

Boise's HGTV star designer Luke Caldwell Launches New Furniture Collective

Article by Kay Bird

Photography by Timber and Love Collective

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Local Boise design build company, Timber and Love, recently launched their new furniture line labeled Timber and Love Collective.   Luke Caldwell, a professional designer whose work has been showcased on HGTV's Boise Boys and Outgrown as well as Food Network's Restaurant Impossible, has chosen designs that reflect his celebrated style with practical living.  The line features some pieces inspired by Luke’s renovations as seen on Outgrown.

Luke grew up in Boise, and even as a young man had a passion for the artistic things of life.  As a former professional musician, Luke’s travels allowed him to hone his eclectic and fresh design sense.  With a global perspective that is expressed with warmth on a wide variety of home styles and various projects, the new furniture line offers an extensive selection of furnishings, lighting, and accessory pieces for the living room, bedroom and dining room.

These days our dining areas are being reimagined like never before, so we decided to ask the expert for some advice on how to make it all work, and look great, too.

Work your magic, Luke!

What’s your favorite advice for choosing the right dining table?

When it comes to picking out the perfect dining room table for your space, I think it really is dependent upon your specific family and your needs. I know for us our dining room has become a lot more than just a place to eat. Many of our homeschooling activities, Lego building, and craft projects are happening at any given time. We have really loved having a circular table, particularly because we love the connection it creates. When it comes to chairs it’s often about practicality - you want to make sure you can wipe them down, especially when you have 8 kids.

What type of lighting is ideal for the dining area?  Large chandelier?  LED?  Soft and dimmable?

The right chandelier can really set the tone for your dining room. I personally think this is a great spot to go oversized and to let your personality and style shine. You always want to put your dining light on a dimmer so you can set the mood at any time.

What unexpected design element do you recommend to really elevate a dining area?

Just like in any good design you want to make sure the aesthetic for your room is on point with your surrounding style to keep everything cohesive. Personally, I love adding original art and vintage elements mixed with multiple materials to elevate and personalize the space.


For all the details visit for online shopping and free shipping. 

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