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Drs. Mary and Jason Sherbel Balance Orthodontics and Adventure

Summer is a favorite time for Drs. Mary and Jason Sherbel of Aspire Orthodontics in Farmington Hills. A husband and wife team, they balance running a state-of-the-art orthodontics practice with their love of the outdoors.

According to Dr. Mary, swimming and hiking are favorites. “We are both outdoor enthusiasts and can be found hiking on Michigan trails in the summer or swimming at the pool or in Lake Michigan!” Both Dr. Mary and Dr. Jason were competitive swimmers growing up, and this love of the water has continued for them both.

Northern Michigan is a favorite travel destination. Says Dr. Mary, “We both grew up traveling to Northern Michigan and have been able to share our mutual love for Michigan adventures together. Some of our favorite summer traditions are biking from Harbor Springs to Petoskey, exploring Mackinac Island, hiking Pictured Rocks, and collecting Petoskey stones along Lake Michigan.”

At home, Dr. Mary and Dr. Jason run Aspire Orthodontics. Their practice, according to Dr. Mary, is a “welcoming and fun space that’s filled with the latest technology like our 3-D scanner and 3-D printer to provide the best experience possible. At our office, there are no messy impressions, ever!”

Dr. Mary was drawn to orthodontics as “an avenue for applied creativity.” She adds, “I have always exercised my creativity, finding beauty in the symmetry and neatness of things, carefully planning out every detail—in the same way that an orthodontist must devise the best treatment plan for each patient.” Dr. Jason came to orthodontics as an extension of his love of chess. “What I love most about the game of chess is the logical processes that are behind it. One analyzes the board and looks several moves ahead to achieve a desired end goal. When formulating a treatment plan, the desired result must be identified, as well as the incremental steps necessary to achieve it.”

Working in orthodontics is a rewarding field, says Dr. Mary, due to “the relationships we build with our patients and watching their confidence improve and transform into their best selves. We know that having straight, healthy teeth not only improves oral health but also strengthens self-esteem. It is so fulfilling to help patients become the person they aspire to be with their best smile leading the way.”

Practicing together is “so much fun” adds Dr. Mary. “It was always our dream to open a practice together and treat patients like our own family. Given that we are husband and wife, we view our practice as part of our family. We feel this is a big advantage to our patients who consistently have two doctors overseeing their treatment. Dr. Jason and I work together throughout the entire process of diagnosing, treatment planning, and during treatment itself to provide our patients with the best care. We make a great team, bringing different strengths to our practice and patients.”

Dr. Mary concludes, “The word Aspire is not just the name of our practice. It defines us and all we do.”

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