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Aston Martin DBX 707

'One Of World’s Fastest, Most Powerful And Most Dynamic Luxury SUVs'

Who likes to drive fast and still have room for the whole family? Brentwood Lifestyle team members took a cruise in the new Aston Martin DBX 707 and asked important questions about one of world’s fastest, most powerful and most dynamic luxury SUVs in the market. This year's DBX 707 is an extension of the DBX that launched in 2020. Nashville is one of the fastest growing markets in America, and is saturated with Porsches and Land Rovers. In a world where you can be anything you want, why be like everyone else? The DBX707 stands out from the crowd with its unique uncompromised exterior and interior styling. The DBX707 doesn't share a chassis with any other SUV on the market, as opposed to the Urus, Cayenne, Audi Q8 and Bentayga, which all share the same chassis. Aston Martin's iconic branding and styling is what separates itself from other competitors.


The DBX707 comes with many safety features as standard, including collision assistance, automatic cruise control with distance control, 360 camera, parking sensors, cross traffic recognition, blind spot monitoring and lane keep assistance to name a few. 

  1. The DBX707 is made in St. Athans, Wales.
  2. Top Speed 193MPH, 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. 
  3. The DBX 707 is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatible.
  4. With multiple driver safety features as standard coupled with the 3 chamber air ride suspension, the DBX707 is a stellar daily driver.
  5. The DBX 707 is fitted with five very distinct drive modes that drastically change the personality of the SUV. 


  • Terrain mode raises the air ride suspension for better ground clearance and tightens the AWD capabilities in slick terrain.
  • "GT," or Grand Touring mode, is the default setting for the SUV. This sets the car up for a soft, comfortable ride as well as a more gentle throttle response.
  • Sport mode tightens the throttle mapping and opens the exhaust for better performance and acoustic sensations. 
  • Sport+ mode tightens the throttle mapping again as well as stiffens the suspension allowing for maximum performance capabilities to be achieved.
  • Individual mode allows the driver to customize the driving experience between steering, suspension, throttle mapping and exhaust notes.


Gearbox: 9-speed automatic with multi-plate wet clutch

Suspension: Triple volume air suspension

Engine: 4.0-litre V8

Horsepower: 707PS 

MSRP:  $239,086


GRILLE: Double vane metal grille. Bright chrome grille is standard, with dark chrome as an option.

GLOSS BLACK PACK UPPER:  Giving a strong, assertive sporting appearance, gloss black upper pack is fitted as standard. This includes black bonnet vents, side strakes, window surrounds and roof rails.

FRONT AERO WINGLETS:  To aid aerodynamic stability, DBX707 is fitted with front aero extensions to the wheel arch leading edge and front splitter. These provide increased levels of downforce and drag reduction. Gloss black finish, regardless of the lower pack fitted.

REAR WHEEL STANCE:  All 23-inch wheels have a refined wheel to body relationship. This, in combination with the lower winglets gives DBX707 a more athletic and purposeful stance, as well as providing a much stronger visual graphic to the rear wheel arches

SPLITTER:  The new front splitter is developed to provide high speed stability through lift reduction. An assertive visual with a wider and lower stance, whilst retaining off-road approach angles as offered on other DBX variants.

REAR WING CARBON FIBRE SPOILER:  Fitted as standard to DBX707, a gloss 2x2 twill carbon fibre spoiler extension is fitted to the edge of the rear wing, providing purposeful design character.

QUAD EXHAUST TAILPIPES:  DBX 707 is fitted as standard with black quad exhaust tailpipes, reinforcing the power and performance offered.  Acoustically tuned sound quality gives an auditory dominance to the segment as well as no mistaking the purpose and power hidden beneath the bonnet.

Orders are currently being taken for the DBX 707, with the vehicles generally arriving within six months of order dates. Many of the DBX 707s in inventory at Carlock are presold, however, there are a few vehicles incoming that are available.