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At Davis Feliz Salon, Expect Excellence

Where luxury meets hospitality

Article by Ashley Alt

Photography by Brook Road Photography

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

Davis Feliz Salon just celebrated their three-year anniversary in June. Run by husband and wife team Davis, the owner and creative director, and Meagan, the business director, the salon prides itself on genuinely caring for each guest, ensuring they leave confident and happy.

“We aren’t as concerned with our bottom line as we are with our guests,” Meagan said. “We really do value each individual person.”

The pair have been married for eight years, sharing four children together. Their business motto, “Good is not good enough where excellence is expected,” is carried through their marriage as well. “We believe that the Lord wants excellence from us,” Meagan declared. “We’re always going to continue to do better and be better. We want to make sure every guest has the best outcome that they imagined, or better than they imagined.”

The low-key luxury salon provides high-end styling services noted by their proficient team of technicians, stylists, and colorists — all who have been educators in the past. “Everyone is very knowledgeable and can basically tackle anything,” Meagan explains. “We’re not about the glitz and glam,” she continued, “but we are about doing things well in a peaceful environment.”

Both Davis and Meagan fell in love with the creative aspect of the hair industry, drawn by the beautiful collaboration between artist and guest. “It’s such a freedom of expression to witness and be a part of,” Meagan said. “There’s something really special about people coming in of any age, any background, and always leaving confident and happy.”

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Davis has been in the industry for over 20 years, first testing out his skills on friends in his late teens. Barbers took notice of his talent and he ended up getting recruited to the acclaimed barbershop in New York City. “He loved the artistic aspect of the craft and has grown and blossomed from there,” Meagan commented.

The salon’s specialty is a sophisticated look with modern elements, to which the duo explains “we specialize in precision cuts, starting every haircut and color with precision.” The modernity, of course, comes from whatever’s trending at the moment, which currently includes the shaggy, layered look and bangs.

“We can add that in and make sure the client is still getting a precise haircut,” Meagan states of combining the two aspects. “Or we can do a super sleek French bob.” No matter the case, the team never falters on precision and “doing things right.”



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