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My friend, Kim Hibbs, President of Hibbs Homes, is celebrating 20 years in business.

Trisha: We met after I joined the Home Builders Association (HBA) in St. Louis 16 years ago. Congratulations to Hibbs Homes celebrating 20 years in business. What did you do to successfully build your business? 

Kim: Nothing happens overnight. You have to put in the time, have a goal, and stay the course because success takes longer than you think it will. My wife Jan and I started fixing and flipping homes in 2002. We pivoted to new construction and founded Hibbs Homes in 2004; we haven't looked back. We didn't intend for it to become a family business. Our daughter, Alexis, joined as our office coordinator and works closely with Jan on the financial end. Our son, Brandon, is an estimator. Jan and I truly wanted it to be their decision to join the business, and it was.

Trisha: Talk about your commitment to the community. Specifically, building in established neighborhoods. 

Kim: Hibbs Homes is conscious about what we build in existing communities, both from an exterior and foundational perspective. We've won awards because the exteriors of our homes fit seamlessly into the neighborhood. We focus on deconstructing instead of demolishing, meaning we reuse doors, windows, and furnaces whenever possible. We partner with Habitat for Humanity to support the homes they build. Beyond that, we focus on the environmental footprint by building high-performance homes and we pay attention to the home's thermal design. I look back on the over one-hundred homes we've built, and we've never built the same home twice, and I can name on one hand the number of people that have moved from their home. New history is created with every new home we build. 

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"New history is created with every new home we build."

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