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Meet Dr. Eric Holtrop, concierge physician and avid athlete

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Although registered for Ironman competitions and eyeing the Death Valley Century ride, Dr. Eric Holtrop's priority remains his concierge practice

Article by Marianne Hamilton

Photography by Asher Swan; other photos provided

Originally published in St George City Lifestyle

In the cheerful waiting room of Dr. Eric Holtrop’s medical practice, the furnishings consist of a single couch. Such minimalism embodies the type of “concierge” care that Eric delivers: If anyone must wait to see him, for any length of time, he apologizes profusely.

Since October 2021, Eric, who is board-certified in internal and hospital medicine, has offered highly personalized care in our community. He is among an estimated 1,500 such medical professionals nationwide who provide—in return for a flat annual rate—virtually every type of medical exam and treatment patients may require. It’s all based on Eric's commitment to fitness, longevity and healing oneself from within. St. George City Lifestyle recently caught up with Eric and his wife and CFO, Helen, for a lively Q&A.

SGCL: How long have you and Helen been in St. George?

EH: We moved here last fall, after I spent 21 years running an intensive care unit in Grass Valley, California. Helen and I are both avid cyclists—our motto is “anything on two wheels!”—and St. George is a dedicated cycling community. We can cycle here practically year-round, and it’s very safe.

SGCL: How does concierge care differ from a traditional medical practice?

EH: This model used to exist only in places like Beverly Hills, and it would cost about $30,000 a year. Here, our fee is $2,000 annually, or less than $200 per month. But that gives patients basically “unlimited” access to care. Because our practice is capped at 400, patients can see me as many times as might be needed for a particular issue, their appointments aren’t limited to 20 minutes, and their care is very personalized. Plus, I can provide a breadth of care, whether it’s dermatology, gynecology, pulmonology, cardiology or other areas.

SGCL: So you’re basically a medical jack-of-all-trades?

EH: Yes, when you run an ICU, you see every possible medical condition, and you must be able to respond immediately. So that background uniquely qualified me to open this type of practice.

SGCL: Given concierge care is not covered by insurance, why would patients want to switch?

EH: Our current insurance system is broken. Doctors juggle 4,000 patients, so appointments are typically five minutes. Often, patients only see a physician’s assistant, who spends all of their time looking at a computer screen. And if there’s another problem, that’s another appointment. Our preliminary consults are two hours, and medical appointments are often an hour. So we can really do a “deep dive” on every patient’s health. Plus, we emphasize non-invasive, non-medication-based therapy, and improving the patient’s overall lifestyle. I really function as a patient’s personal, private physician.

SGCL: Switching gears here, so to speak, you and Helen are avid cyclists and athletes?

EH: Yes, Helen is actually an Ironman competitor. I love mountain biking, road biking, motorcycles, BMX racing and triathlons.

SGCL: Sounds like you’re enjoying the outdoor life?

EH: Absolutely. We have a little trailer, so we take camping trips and go riding all over. And we have a plane, so we put the rear seats down, throw the bikes in, and just go. You gotta have fun while you’re on the planet!

More information about Dr. Holtrop’s practice may be found at

or by calling 435.200.9500.

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