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Athena Favorites

Books chosen and loved by the Athena Books Team

We love local bookstores for their curated book recommendations. That is why we were very excited to learn that Athena Books in Old Greenwich now selects an “Athena Favorite” each month, a book chosen and loved by their well-read team.  In case you missed them, here are their past Favorites and in their own words, why they recommend them. You can buy them at the store (228 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich) or online at You can also follow them @AthenaBooksOG to see their recommendations, author events, and gift ideas for every occasion.  

1. The Women (February Favorite)

By Kristin Hannah

We love this historical fiction novel about a heroic nurse in Vietnam, her struggles during and after the war, and the women who helped her pull through. We couldn’t put it down and can’t stop thinking about it. Highly recommend it!

2. Becoming Madam Secretary (March Favorite)

By Stephanie Dray

This is a wonderful novel about a true American Heroine, Frances Perkins, the first woman to ever serve in a presidential cabinet. We were marveled as she balanced the demands of her public career with marriage and motherhood. This book will inspire you.

3. James (April Favorite)

By Percival Everett

James is a brilliant, action-packed reimagining of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Told from the point of view of enslaved Jim, it is harrowing, funny, and thought-provoking. We all agree, this book is an incredible work of literary excellence.

4. How to Read a Book (May Favorite)

By Monica Wood

This is a heartwarming, compassionate and hopeful story about Violet, a woman rebuilding her life following a prison sentence for an accidental and devastating crime. This book feels like a warm hug; it will make you laugh and cry.

5. Summer Romance (June Favorite)

By Annabel Monaghan

Local author Annabel Monaghan has done it again in this fun, flirty story of a professional organizer and the summer that helps her get unstuck when she runs into someone from her past. It’s the ultimate beach read this summer!

  • James By Percival Everett
  • How to Read a Book By Monica Wood
  •  Becoming Madam Secretary By Stephanie Dray
  • Summer Romance By Annabel Monaghan
  • The Women By Kristin Hannah