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WindowCraft isn’t just a family business, it’s where customization meets quality in the Park Cities.

Windows and doors seem to share a romantic purpose—representing openings for natural light, freedom, and endless opportunities. Such is the case for WindowCraft as well, which opened in 1995.

Luke Morrow grew up in it.

“When we say, ‘family business,’ it’s not just my relationship with my dad, the founder, but the entire team,” Morrow says. “Our core group is fully invested.”

WindowCraft is where customization meets quality. Excellence and attention to detail is our primary focus,” Morrow says. We take extra time to consult and educate customers on options so they can make wise decisions.”

Why change windows? Modifying colors, grille patterns, or styles can dramatically increase a home’s curb appeal and value. Rotten windows can cause extensive damage to structural framing and floors.

“We encounter windows so deteriorated they’re a safety concern,” Morrow says. “Safety is an important maintenance issue that we address.”

Replacing windows improves energy efficiency, reduces noise, and fortifies security, all at the same time. WindowCraft provides quality windows and doors to homeowners, builders, designers, remodelers, contractors, and architects. And Morrow’s team offers a wide range of products.

“We are a one-stop shop with staff installers and trusted subcontractors for specialized products,” Morrow says, adding that WindowCraft utilizes materials custom-manufactured for the project by trusted suppliers including steel, iron, wood, aluminum-clad wood, all-aluminum, and vinyl. “We assist customers looking for the best fit or for the best value.”

And technology has changed dramatically over the past few years, including insulated energy-efficient glass in nearly all of the windows they sell.

“All-wood windows now have treatments and wood composition options that are more durable and resistant to rot and degradation, unlike windows sold just a few years ago,” Morrow says.

WindowCraft can also provide wood windows with an aluminum-clad exterior that preserves the wood-window look but is maintenance-free or friendly.

“We are historic replication experts and offer products that reproduce historic details to the level the client may require, but can also incorporate modern innovations for functionality and care as well as efficiency,” Morrow adds.

WindowCraft has a variety of doors; from traditional swinging and sliding doors, to multi-panel stacking sliding doors, pocket doors, accordion doors, and lift and slide doors, available in various materials.

Innovative door systems have come a long way over the last 15 years,” Morrow explains. “We’re experienced with all of them. Many new construction projects and major remodels today are centered around several unique doors, with windows selected to complement.”

If a client can dream it, Morrow says, “We can build it and install it.”

“Our first home visit is generally for fact-finding and measurement, to develop options for clients,” Morrow says. The WindowCraft showroom at 4412 West Lovers Lane has intriguing samples and is convenient to Park Cities clients. “We take a consultative approach, and let customers decide if we are the best partner for their project.”

With some exceptions, companies advertising on local media don’t carry WindowCraft products. “That’s a significant difference,” Morrow says. Many have limited options and focus on high-pressure sales.

“We’re different: Our proposed price is the price, and we work to keep it valid as long as material prices remain consistent.”

Excellence and attention to detail is our primary focus. We take extra time to consult and educate customers on options so they can make wise decisions.

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