Attention to Detail

For decades, T&T Custom Trim has defined perfection in finish carpentry work.

Detail matters. It signals a thoroughness in work through a deep concern for all the areas involved, no matter how large or small the project may be. The ability to organize time and resources efficiently, listen carefully, and bring qualitative assurances to every job can dramatically differentiate companies, especially when it comes to the meticulousness required for finish carpentry. The best finish carpenters are detail-driven professionals. Superior build-out can’t happen without them because they make certain everything from doors to windows works properly, interior trim and millwork are exact, and baseboards, railings on stairs, crown molding, cabinetry, built-in furniture, and important wood details are all perfect. 

With more than four decades of experience in custom homes and commercial businesses, T&T Custom Trim is recognized as an industry leader utilizing the latest trends, designs, and innovations, dedicated to customer satisfaction while bringing creativity and originality to every project. Owner Todd Taylor founded his company in a Houston suburb before moving to North Texas in 1985.

“I spent my summers in high school visiting construction sites to learn as much as possible in each field,” Taylor says. His early training was fundamental. It provided valuable hands-on experience at a young age that set a tone for his lengthy, dynamic career. Nowadays, Taylor’s commercial projects are diverse, including contemporary senior living, nursing, and memory care facilities as well as office parks, trendy hotels, and popular retail spaces. And his residential projects are breathtaking. Whether its reconfiguring a home theater, building a custom wine cellar, or updating 30-foot ceiling beams in the family room, the results are always memorable. And T&T’s work in Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, and other Dallas luxury neighborhoods is in demand. 

“Many of the Park Cities jobs involve ‘face lifts’ that add value and provide an additional custom feel to the existing beauty of established homes,” Taylor says. Custom stairs installation, handcrafted mantels, bookcases, entertainment centers, custom-made sliding barn doors, hearty wooden beams, and hand-scraped floors are all T&T Trim specialties, perfected over decades in the business and executed in a stress-free fashion.

Picking the right materials for a home is critical, particularly when it comes to molding, unique wood surfacing on walls and ceilings, and special touches—a company specialty. While the majority of the work occurs in the DFW area, T&T Custom Trim has resources to reach beyond North Texas. Over the course of his career, Taylor has built relationships with various builders and superintendents, creating important strategic alliances that have lasted years. His clients would say that he values quality over profits, is warm and collaborative, flexible regarding changes during the construction process, and stays on the lookout for ways to add uniqueness to each project. Early on, Taylor grew the business by making rounds to new communities, meeting with the construction managers, and selling his company. He was known to make a deal with the managers to give his company one home to trim at their price—and if they weren’t happy with the work, they didn’t have to pay him. “I used that technique to generate more and more contracts, because every single builder that was looking for a trim company and gave us an opportunity awarded T&T Custom Trim contracts due to the fact that they were pleased with our work,” Taylor says.

Taylor also enjoys the challenge of new projects that others may shy away from due to various degrees of difficulty, always focused on professionalism, quality of materials, punctuality, flexibility during the construction process, and above all, customer satisfaction. With the encouragement of his wife, Anna, T&T Custom Trim continued to grow and flourish. “She’s always our support and biggest cheerleader,” Taylor says. His son Travis is part of the team, too, working alongside his dad and helping his parents improve the company. “He’s eager to continue the family businesses’ positive legacy and reputation,” Taylor adds. 

“And as long as our quality, attention to detail, and family-oriented style stay in place, I’m happy.”

Check out the company website at for samples of their outstanding work, client comments, and more.

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