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Photo by Tyler Davis

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Authentically Tennessee: A Look Inside Bullbourne Ranch

“Bullbourne Ranch Was Designed To Show People They Can Do Anything They Want To Do.”

Article by Morgan Raum

Photography by Tyler Davis and Patrick Johnson

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Located just forty-five minutes south of Nashville in the charming town of Cornersville, Bullbourne Ranch is a stunning, homegrown property that radiates tranquility and elegance. The owner, Daniel Johnson, is a Middle Tennessee native. After graduating college and creating a successful nutrition company in Brentwood, Daniel began missing the simplicity and serenity that came along with being raised in a small town. With Middle Tennessee growing at a rapid pace, Daniel had the dream to raise his future children on a ranch. Thirteen years ago, he brought his ideas to reality and designed and developed Bullbourne Ranch from the ground up.

Teaching himself how to build fences and barns, Daniel describes the land as somewhere that “teleports you to another place.” Combining his dream with his passion for construction, Daniel slowly began adding bits and pieces to the ranch - having no expectations for it to become the favored site it is today. With lush green grass and breathtaking views, Bullbourne Ranch was made for celebration. 

Nestled within the picturesque landscape, the event barn is an extraordinary venue that seamlessly blends rustic charm with elegant sophistication. As you approach the barn, you'll be welcomed by its stunning barn doors, reminiscent of a bygone era, exuding an old-world allure that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. With warm lighting and natural open air, Bullbourne Ranch will leave you enchanted.

While often used for weddings, the barn is perfect for any event from weddings to baby showers to birthdays. With several picture-perfect ceremony options, couples can wed anywhere from the wildlife lookout, inside the event barn, the open field, the hilltop, or right in the barn’s archway. The property also includes two houses available for guests to stay in. With an additional fee, wedding parties and event guests are granted the option to stay right on the ranch. Guaranteed to stun, the views of the ranch showcase all of Tennessee’s natural beauty. 

Unique from most other venues, Bullbourne is a true working ranch. Bleeding authenticity, Daniel designed this land to thoughtfully showcase the love locals share for the great state of Tennessee. With herds of bison roaming the hills, its captivating nature is sure to leave you breathless.

 “Tennessee is my favorite place to be, always,” Daniel shares. “I feel lucky with where I got this land… that stretch from Cornersville down to Alabama is rolling green hills… it’s the epitome of what people envision when they picture Tennessee.”

Blown away by the incredible response from the community, Daniel is beyond thankful for every person who has supported his dream. While he didn’t have the intention to create a development, Daniel is thrilled that Bullbourne has given people the opportunity to visit Cornersville and allow them to fall in love with its charm the same way he had and continues to. 

Growing at a rapid pace, he is also amazed at the evolution that has occurred of what started just as a passion project. In addition to the venue, Bullbourne Ranch has several branches - including construction work and bison meat sales.



  • Photo by Tyler Davis
  • Photo by Tyler Davis
  • Photo by Tyler Davis
  • Daniel Johnson, photo by Patrick Johnson
  • Photo by Patrick Johnson
  • Photo by Patrick Johnson
  • Photo by Tyler Davis
  • Daniel Johnson, photo by Tyler Davis
  • Photo by Tyler Davis
  • Daniel Johnson, photo by Tyler Davis