Autumn Wines

Autumn is a magical time for drinking wine.  But with falls fluctuating temperatures, there can be some confusion around choosing whites or reds, as it’s typical to drink more whites in warmer weather and more robust reds in colder weather.  Well, who says you can’t keep both red and white as options?  Dilemma solved!  As you plan for holiday meals, here are some suggestions, both red and white, from locally owned wineries to pair with your autumn fare.

Winery: Cedergreen Cellars

Name of Wine: 2018 Gamay Noir

Flavor? Crushed cherry, raspberry, plum, strawberry 

Aroma? Deep floral aromas of cut iris and peony flowers. 

Tastes best with? Turkey with all the fixings, grilled vegetables, salmon, spicy Mexican food

Overall:  Gamay Noir is an exciting varietal from Carousel Vineyard, Yakima Valley. The higher elevation site delivers delicate tannins and a silky, smooth mouthfeel. This is the Thanksgiving wine that will delight ALL your guests.

Where to purchase: Cedergreen Cellars Tasting Studio, Town and Country Markets, Leschi Market, DeLaurenti Food and Wine

Winery: Jaine

Name of Wine: 2021 Laura Lee Sauvignon Blanc   

Flavor? Grapefruit, white peaches, tangy lemon and a flinty finish.

Aroma? Aromas of gooseberry, lemongrass, lychee, Asian pear, with greener notes of grass and green bell pepper

Tastes best with? Oysters, scallops, sushi, hard cheeses

Overall: Despite what most believe, oysters are best consumed in the fall / winter months!  The mouthfeel is generous with a flavorful mid-pallet, long and dry finish, and lingering acidity. 

Where to purchase:  Woodinville tasting room Jaine Cottage or online

Winery: Two Vintners
Name of Wine: 2021 Grenache Blanc
Flavor? beautiful acidity on the palate with a bit of salinity and wet rocks 
Aroma? stone fruit and tropical fruit
Tastes best with? perfect accompaniment to NW Seafood. Halibut, oysters, clam chowder. Also sheep's milk cheese and baked brie 
Overall:  this crisp, delicious wine is the perfect answer to sunny days and northwest picnics 

Where to purchase: twovintners.com

Winery: Matthews Winery

Name of Wine:  2020 Columbia Valley Claret

Flavor? Red and black fruits, cocoa and black tea

Aroma? Dark berries, bramble, and cola on the nose give way to a background of sandalwood and vanilla bean when swirled in the glass

Tastes best with? Grilled meats and vegetables

Overall: Dark berries, bramble, and cola on the nose give way to a background of sandalwood and vanilla bean when swirled in the glass. A nice blend of red and black fruits play well with cocoa and black tea on the palate. Polished tannins and well-balanced acidity leave a lasting finish that intrigues.

Where to purchase:  Woodinville tasting room or online

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