Avoiding the Heat Wave

What you need to know to keep your house cool during the summer

During Texas summers, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is having their air conditioning unit go out. While some home repairs can wait a day or two to be fixed, it’s nearly impossible to be comfortable in your house during those scorching months without cool air.

Much like the upkeep of a car, the air conditioning unit in everyone’s home must be maintained and cleaned to operate properly. However, many homeowners don’t know the steps needed to keep their air conditioners running well, which leads to a quicker breakdown of parts or the entire unit.

Jason and Laurie Fraser, the founders and owners of A&A Air, said simple, preventative maintenance is the best way to keep air conditioners functioning longer, potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

“Keeping the units clean, allows the motors to work at their max capacity, and they can move freely,” Laurie Fraser said. “Whenever they gather up a bunch of dust and dirt, they get stuck. They get hot and they overheat and they burn out. Cleaning prevents all of that and allows the system to work the way it's designed to work.”

Jason Fraser added that a quality air conditioning service company will provide in-depth equipment checks twice a year to ensure the unit is working properly. If something is amiss, trained professionals have the experience to identify the problem and save homeowners from big headaches later.

“Not only do we check out the central heat and cooling system, we can look for issues that might be covered up,” he explained. “Rodent activity, water leaks in the roof, and other water heater problems in the attic all can lead to serious damage.”

While there are some things homeowners can do to keep their systems running in top condition, such as replacing the filters every few months, the Frasers recommend not taking the do-it-yourself route when it comes to fixing an AC unit. 

“There's so many components of the system, and it would be really difficult for homeowners to try and troubleshoot,” Laurie Fraser said. “If you do one thing and it’s not right, you could burn up something else or worse, you might get hurt.  An example might be someone who does not know to turn off the disconnect before washing the condenser.”

Most units are designed to run 12-15 years with proper care, meaning all homeowners will have to replace their air conditioners if they plan to live in their homes long term. Instead of being caught by surprise or continuously replacing parts, the Frasers recommend preparing to buy a new system by shopping in the spring when the original unit is close to reaching that lifespan.

“If you know you need a new unit, you’re able to shop for it and pick the right contractor,” Jason Fraser explained. “You're going to get a much better job if they worked in 60-degree conditions or 70-degree conditions versus 110-degree conditions.

“There's also a lot of manufacturer rebates that are put forth in spring, and it’s the same with your energy company. By the time you pair your energy rebates and manufacturer rebates together, and choose the right contractor, spring is when you're going to get the best deal.”

With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to have all units checked. For questions about AC care or services, visit A&A Air at or call 972-951-1320.

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