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AW Skin Co.

Discover Exceptional Skincare and Wellness

What began for Amy Hatcher, APRN, as her own general medicine practice with a part-time focus on aesthetics led to the opening of her now-thriving AW Skin Co. medical spa and wellness centers.

Amy founded AW Skin Co. in Murfreesboro in 2008. The Westhaven location opened in 2018, with their new Cool Springs location opening this month. “We’re excited about our additional Franklin location at McEwen Northside,” says Amy. “This has been a dream that is finally coming to fruition. I grew up in Williamson County and Franklin is home. It’s such a natural fit.”  

She explains, “I closed my general medicine practice in 2017 to focus fully on aesthetics and growing AW Skin Co. I started AW Skin Co. to offer an exceptional experience in skincare services and products. Wellness has always been an integral part of our personal lives, so it was a natural transition to bring this component into our practice in 2018.” 

With a background and degree in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine, Cary Hatcher, APRN, joined the practice as Wellness Director. In addition to Botox, dermal fillers and laser skin rejuvenation services, AW Skin Co. offers  IV hydration, medically managed weight loss, gut health, and their most sought-after wellness service, hormone therapy. She adds, “We are leading the way in what’s new in the industry, and we’re excited to offer the skin hydrator SkinVive this fall along with a new dermal filler, Volux, for jawline enhancement."

"We know most clients’ goals are to look and feel youthful and vibrant. They want to look great for their age but also look natural. We spend time with clients reviewing all their concerns and options, customizing an aesthetic and wellness plan that fits their needs.”

Amy notes the best skin health plan usually includes a combination of skincare, injectables, and laser services for collagenesis and/or pigment improvement, and wellness support. Hormone balance and food sensitivity testing often go hand-in-hand with a great skincare routine.

“The goal is not just to make the skin look great, but for it to function more youthfully,” she says. “Building collagen and elastin, and suppressing red and brown pigment in the skin caused from sun damage, are key components of youthful skin. We offer IPL for pigmentation and sun damage improvement,  Secret RF radiofrequency microneedling to support and boost collagen, and Fraxel if a client wants it all. No matter what the concern or beauty budget, we work together with clients and educate them on all their options so they can choose an individualized self-care and skin health plan that will truly give them the best results.”  

“Clients come to us for a boost of confidence. Every single day, our clients walk out a little taller than when they came in. It’s what still excites me. Feeling healthy, attractive, confident, and committing to self-care are all so incredibly empowering.”

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