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AZ Architect Hits Airwaves

Behind the Scenes on The Design Network's "EXTRA-vagant Spaces" Series

Mark Candelaria is destined for stardom thanks to his return on The Design Network. The Scottsdale-based renowned architecture firm is playing center stage in a debut series called EXTRA-vagant Spaces on the streaming TV network.

“Mark is a creative visionary when it comes to creating memorable and incredibly special homes. When we discussed this with our host, there was an immediate synergy with the two,” said Erin Zelle, The Design Network’s Head of Programming.

The 6-episode series is hosted by designer Kelli Ellis taking viewers inside mind-blowing properties alongside Mark Candelaria, our local esteemed architect. Showcasing indoor shooting galleries, bespoke bowling alleys, revolving closets, putting greens and personal spas, houses featured are simply swoonworthy. One of the most extravagant homes was a 64,000 sf property with a racquetball court, hair salon, massage room, observatory, and a horse barn topped with a riding arena and skybox.

“Mark and Kelli made filming fun! If there’s a bowling alley, they’ll bowl. They're up for anything,” said Erin.

According to Mark Candelaria, the founding partner of Candelaria Design, they filmed one house a day for 2-3 hours each.

“It was a fun week even thought I’d still like to lose 15 pounds, but we all know the camera does that to you,” he said.

Each property presented a new and exciting story; one home was built into the side of a mountain, where Mark dives into the logistics and planning that went into the locational challenge.

“These projects take years to create and build, so it’s rewarding to see the final product. It’s like cooking an amazing meal, which of I love to do; enjoying that final moment when you bring the dish to the table and everyone gives you the accolades for your hard work and creativity. It’s wonderful,” reflects Mark.

And you read it here first... Mark recently received word the series has been green-lighted for another season. Stay tuned.

"Arizona's views, weather and stunning landscapes are the perfect backdrop for this special series."