AZ Fire Bowls

Enjoy a Beautiful and Relaxing Fire Outside—No Gas Line or Propane Needed

Sitting by a fire bowl on a cool desert evening can be a relaxing way to unwind.

Because most fire bowls run on natural gas or propane, people who don’t have a gas line or aren’t keen on hauling heavy propane tanks will miss out on this soothing experience.

But thanks to AZ Fire Bowls and its innovative and elegant line of products, people can enjoy the ambiance of an outside fire anytime and anywhere they wish—no gas or propane needed.

“Our patent-pending design has a stainless steel fuel tank that holds 180 ounces of clean-burning oil,” says Jason Kerestes, owner of AZ Fire Bowls, adding that he launched his company about two years ago after experiencing an overwhelmingly positive response at the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show and at farmers’ markets. “You just need to fill the tank with a paraffin lamp oil, tiki torch oil, or even citronella to keep the mosquitoes away.”

The included fiberglass wicks burn 1.2 ounces of oil per hour, or approximately 30 to 40 hours per tank.

“When you want to put the fire out, simply put the included five flame snuffers over the wicks and it will extinguish the flames and be ready to be re-lit for another day,” Kerestes says.

AZ Fire Bowls currently offers three designs: A concrete fire bowl, and two stainless steel fire bowls called the “Elevated Edge” and the “Infinite Horizon.” 

Kerestes will soon introduce a new fire bowl that will combine fire and water.

“Called the ‘Fire Fall,' it will be stainless steel, but will have a scupper on it so you will get both fire and a waterfall,” he says.

People who are interested in seeing the fire bowls in person can make an appointment to visit the showroom.

“Since we are still a small business and only have a few employees, we do ask that our customers schedule a time to visit us to make sure we are not out of the office or in the middle of fabrication,” Kerestes says. “We love to meet all of our customers and want to make sure we have plenty of time to get to know them, show our designs, and answer all of their questions.”

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