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AZ on the Rocks Offers Custom Women's Workout

Reach the Peak of Your Fitness Goals with a Fun and Effective Plan

AZ on the Rocks offers a workout that both challenges and improves your climbing technique. Once a month, they partner with the Arizona Women’s Climbing Coalition to host Women on the Rocks, and the workout is specifically geared toward those looking to work with other women in a supportive environment, focused on strength and fitness. Partaking in this popular activity promotes teamwork and individual growth, with more than 14,000 square feet of climbing available at the Scottsdale facility.

Warm-Up (15 minutes)

Prevent climbing injuries and prepare your body for strength training with 20 bodyweight squats, 10 walking lunges per leg, one minute of head rolls, front shoulder raises (two sets of 15 reps) and bicep curls (two sets of 20 reps).

Climbing Workout (1–1 1/2 Hours)

 A climbing pyramid is the key to this workout. The idea of a climbing pyramid is simple: start with a few easier climbs progressing to more difficult ones closer to your limit, then slowly work your way back down. This promotes beneficial strength and technique adaptations and reduces the chance of injury. For this workout, the example of a 5.10 climber is used to present the pyramid.

Peak Phase

This is your primary working phase where you will challenge yourself on routes that are in your upper level of capability but not your absolute limit. You will climb one 5.10, followed by one 5.10+, then by another 5.10. Rest for three to five minutes between climbs. While climbing, always practice using “quiet feet” and mindfully placing your foot on each hold.

Cool-Down Phase

This block is the reverse of the warm-up. Start with two 5.9 routes, then two 5.8 routes to finish it off. Again, rest for three to five minutes between each climb, and make sure to focus on climbing slowly and smoothly.

  • Warm-up
  • Workout
  • Cool-down
  • Workout
  • Peak phase