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If you are looking for great spots to eat in downtown Boise, there are plenty of options!

Check out downtown Boise in order to check out the variety of restaurants to eat at. After a cursory browse, you will see that Boise has many different types of restaurants.

For instance, BACON offers incredibly diverse dishes that, you guessed, have bacon all in common.

Fork restaurant is another dynamic eatery that you will not want to miss when visiting the Treasure Valley. The city serves as both the state capitol and a college town, Boise State University abuts the downtown, which surrounds the capital.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boise is an incredibly beautiful city that has plenty to offer year-round. On top of its beauty, Boise is a highly walkable city, very easy to navigate, and small enough that you can get from one side of the valley to the other in just a quick drive.

If you are looking for a city to visit on your stomach, so to speak, then Boise, Idaho is the place to do it! Enjoy our list of some of the best places to eat in the capital of Idaho!

Restaurant Downtown: Don’t Miss It

There are close to 100 restaurants in downtown Boise alone!

If you want coffee and a pastry, there are numerous cafes and bakeries to choose from. If you want a place to eat a hearty breakfast, check out Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro.

But rest assured, there are plenty of healthy options, too! Boise is home to nearly every thinkable type of cuisine, from steaks to seafood to ramen to curry to Greek/Mediterranean, and beyond.

Eating on the Go: Boise Airport Restaurants

Flying is easier when you have something in your stomach. If you are headed toward Boise airport and want to stop for a bite, there are three great options located nearby.

Bardenay offers excellent cocktails and exquisite entrees, a perfect way to treat yourself before flying! Kopper Kitchen offers hearty fare at incredibly reasonable prices. Enjoy classics such as steak and eggs, Denver omelets, and their famous Lumberjack Special. Stop at either one of these places and enjoy a delicious meal before you fly.

Basque Restaurants in Boise

Most people do not know this, but Boise is home to the large population of Basques outside of the Basque region in Spain and France.

This provides the adventurous diner with a unique opportunity. One can find the Basque restaurants on the “Basque Block,” located near South 6th Street. There, you can also go to the Basque Market, which is located on West Grove Street.

These restaurants serve the vibrant cuisine of the Basque country, noted for tapas and delicious red wines. A unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else!

Mexican Restaurants

If you are after amazing Mexican food, you can find plenty of great spots in Boise. You can find plenty of the familiar chains, but several unique local spots, as well. There are a few excellent street taco restaurants, as well as Tex-Mex.

Calle 75 specializes in street tacos. Costa Vida is a traditional Mexican grill. The Funky Taco is a farm-to-table spot that blends Asian, Indian, Mexican, and American food to make for some delicious fusion foods.

They are also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly! The Matador is the Tex-Mex destination in downtown Boise and also boasts to be the best spot to drink Tequila.

Classic Italian restaurants 

Perhaps you are craving some delicious pasta or some Neapolitan pizza. Or maybe you want to enjoy a bottle of wine and some mussels.

Good news! There are plenty of great Italian restaurants in Boise to choose from. Stop into Asiago's Ristorante while you are visiting downtown. There are also two Neapolitan pizza spots in town.

Flatbread Neapolitan uses an 800-degree oven to cook delicious, traditional offerings. There are several other pizza places in town. You are sure to find a few that are to your liking!

Chinese Restaurants with Incredible Dishes

Boise has plenty to offer diners who wish to eat Chinese food.

Additionally, there are several local spots where you can enjoy Chinese food! Mai Thai serves Asian fusion food that will rock your world. Pho Nouveau serves Vietnamese comfort food. Rama Pong offers delicious ramen, in addition to a full-service bar and in-house ping pong tables for their clientele.

On the corner of 9th Street and Bannock, you will find Yen Ching serving traditional northern Chinese cuisine drawn from Mandarin, Hunan, and Sichuan influences.

Luxurious Seafood restaurants

If you are craving the surf more than turf, check out several of Boise’s seafood restaurants. There are a few chains, but there are plenty of local spots that offer fresh, delicious seafood for anyone who is craving it.

Lucky Fins offers affordable and delicious seafood. Influenced by Asia, Mexican, and Northwest, Lucky Fins also offer Cajun food. Reef, located on South 6th Street, aims to take you away to the Pacific or Caribbean islands when you eat there.

Indian Restaurants: Enjoy Their Top Specialties

Nothing quite fills the stomach or satisfies the pallet like curry or a samosa. There are several delicious Indian restaurants located in Boise. For instance, Bombay Grill serves traditional and new Indian cuisine that will satisfy the greatest appetites.

From standards like Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala, this place has you covered. And, hopefully, full! Taj Mahal, located on North 8th street, is another Indian restaurant that will plenty to offer the dining public.

They use fresh ingredients and believe in preparing dishes with the same quality they would at home.

French restaurants 

From the sweetest pastries to staples of French restaurants everywhere, there is plenty to love about French cuisine.

If you want those delicious flavors, there are a handful of places in Boise that will help that craving. Petite 4 offers plenty of excellent, delicious pastries and hot coffee.

Bacquet’s is another French restaurant; they specialize in traditional French cuisine and offer a new menu every day in order to keep their customers surprised and pallets satisfied. If you have French cuisine on your mind (and your tummy) then check out these great local spots today.

Thai restaurants for the Adventurous

Thai food is renowned for its dynamic, powerful flavors. If Pad Thai is what you are craving (or any other of the wonderful Thai dishes), then we have the recommendations for you. Pad Thai House offers affordable classic Thai cuisine. They also offer takeout and delivery options.

Vegan Restaurants 

If you are vegan and have a hankering, rest assured that Boise has several vegan restaurants to choose from.

You will find that many restaurants may also offer vegan options on their menu, even if they are not exclusively vegan. Check out the High Note café for an awesome vegan grilled cheese. Walk over to Vegan Soul on West Idaho Street for vegan soul food, as well as vegan takes on some southern classics.

As mentioned already, there are several other restaurants in Boise that cater to vegan tastes.

Vegetarian Restaurants: Offered on North 13th and Other Areas

There are no stand-alone vegetarian restaurants in Boise (except for the aforementioned vegan establishments), but there are several notable places that offer plenty of vegetarian options for diners.

According to Boise Feed, some of the best options include the Hyde House on North 13th Street. Another great restaurant with vegetarian options is Wild Root, renowned for its delicious options. Americana Pizza offers specialty vegan slices every day. So, stop by and pick up a hot slice of vegan pizza if you get the chance.

Great Japanese Restaurants

Whether you want sushi or steak prepared in front of you, we have several Japanese restaurants for those who crave it. Kyoto Steak House offers sushi, steak, and plenty of other Japanese classics at an affordable price.

Fujiyama is another restaurant that specializes in Japanese classics but is especially known for its sushi. Zen Bento offers traditional lunch boxes, attempting to bring you “peace in a lunchbox.” Paddles Up Poke offers plenty of delicious fusions.

They serve sushi burritos and poke bowls to downtown diners, as well as students on the campus at nearby Boise State. They also have several items available for gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarians.

Korean Restaurants: Signature Dishes

There are plenty of Korean restaurants to visit when you are in Boise! Let us start with Gangnam, which serves bento boxes, short ribs, and kimchi, just to name a few items.

Han’s Chimaek is open late (till 2 am) and offers delivery services and pickup.

It is hard to go wrong with any of these places, as they are all delicious and pack a lot of flavorful punch.

Russian Restaurants

Boise boasts one explicitly Russian restaurant. But for fans of Russian cuisine, rest assured. This particular restaurant is renowned for its multi-faceted and tasty menu. Stop into Alyonka Russian Cuisine.

At this restaurant, they offer excellent Borscht, baked pirozhki, and beef stroganoff. Add on Russian dessert classics like Napoleon cake, and you have an excellent night coming to you.

Greek restaurants: Taste of the Sea

You want a gyro and you want it now. Who can blame you? Check out some of these amazing Greek restaurants in Boise.

Trot on over to Meraki Greek Street Food for quick, savory bites that will please your tastebuds and your wallet.

No matter what Greek food you are craving, one of these places can cater to it.

German restaurants 

Craving a large glass of pilsner? Or, maybe you have been thinking about schnitzel and wurst for weeks. Well, there are a few spots in Boise that offer excellent German food. Prost! German Pub offers traditional German fare – schnitzel, wurst, sauerkraut, all the goodies.

It is located in The Idaho Building and is sure to fill you up. In the same vein, the Schnitzel Garden also specializes in serving classic German dishes. Just outside of Boise, in nearby Eagle, is the Das Alpenhaus Delikitessen.

It is hard to go wrong when you choose any of these three spots. All of them serve traditional German fare in wonderful locations guaranteed to fill you up and keep you happy.

Brazilian restaurants: Protein Offerings

There are two Brazilian restaurants located in Boise. While there are only two, both of these places pack enough flavorful punch that you certainly will not be disappointed.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill offers Brazilian specialties, in addition to steak and seafood. Make sure to fast the whole day before going. Because they will fill you up!

Awesome Sushi restaurants 

Yoi Tomo is a delicious local sushi spot. Shige Express has been in business for 28 years and offers delivery and takeout service, bringing excellent sushi to your door! Maru Sushi is small and cozy, with a sushi bar that can make anything and everything.

Island Sushi and Ramen and Rotary Sushi are both sushi bars that are beloved by locals, known for serving high-quality sushi and providing a wonderful atmosphere and service.

New restaurants in Boise

The restaurant scene in Boise is thriving and dynamic people continue to open amazing restaurants. Some of the hottest new spots in Boise include The Wylder, specializing in pizza and cocktails. Bittercreek Alehouse is a cannot miss gastropub with thick burgers and a wonderful drink selection. Water Bear Bar is a lounge that is heavy on atmosphere and wonderful food.

Romantic restaurants 

If you are looking for a wonderful place to take your loved one or significant other, then you will have a hard time making up your mind in Boise.

Why? Because there are so many good places to eat. Check out Capitol Cellars, a wonderful spot snuggled closely to the gorgeous state capitol building.

Are you thinking about taking your loved one or significant other to a more involved dinner experience? Head on over to the Melting Pot of Boise to enjoy the sumptuous treat that is fondu.

How many restaurants are in Boise?

How many restaurants are there in Boise? While it is difficult to put an exact number on it, we can feel safe in saying: hundreds of them.

This means hundreds of opportunities to please your pallet, fill your stomach, and enjoy the variety of offerings available to you. There are so many options that are hard to keep track of!

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