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Bacaro Primo

Nestled into one of Kansas City’s coziest corridors is Bacaro Primo; Crestwood’s American-Italian counterpart to Earl’s Premier - both gastronomic brainchildren from founders Todd Schulte and Cory Dannehl who have a clear affinity for what a quaint and satiating dining experience should look like in KC!

The name is both a nod to a classic Italian wine bar (“Bacaro”) as well as an extension of Earl’s Premier (“Primo”) and if delectable Italian food and beverage is your thing, then cin cin (cheers!) to your new favorite neighborhood destination that will have you coming back time and time again. 

Bacaro Primo’s lunch and dinner menus are absolutely dynamite: From their incredible culinary creations like their crowd-favorite pizzas, plates of pasta, and the salumi bar to their top-notch hospitality, it’s the level of details that distinctly complete your experience. Plus, the ambiance captures your heart from the moment you walk up to the charming Crestwood entrance to the minute you sit down either saddled up at the bar or settled into the dining room floor. 

The exposed brick, warm lighting, and rustic decor are accompanied by a bar lined with beautiful Italian wines and spirits. The U-shaped bar gives glimpses into not only the making of arguably some of the best Negronis in town but also the magic of where the salumi begins and the nightcaps end.

Bacaro Primo’s seasonally-rotating menu offers quintessential Italian favorites starting with a selection of Cicchetti, i.e. snacks to whet your appetite, including the most dynamite Olive Fritte that is a must, i.e. green olives stuffed with garlic, wrapped in Italian sausage, and deep fried in breading until they are golden brown. Another favored shareable is the cured meat and cheese boards serving 1-4 people and offering salumi selections like Prosciutto di Parma and Capocollo and cheeses ranging from varying Italian regions.

For lunch, you’ll find many of the dinner favorites in addition to sandwiches like Egg Salad Crostini and the Panini of the day. For dinner, there’s simply no better way to approach it than to bring a group and order a plethora of plates to share. There are simply too many delicious options to pass up, including beautiful pizza creations like the Cavelo Nero with ricotta and pistachio and the classic Margherita with Mozzarella di Bufalo and Basil.

The hearth-baked focaccia is an antipasti favorite pairing well with arancini, a seasonal salad, and house-cured prosciutto. And as you navigate your way through the subsequent courses including pasta and risotto, pesce and carne, and contorni (sides), you’ll find the array of flavor profiles span appetizingly rich, like Ragu Bolognese and braised wild boar ragu to creamy with Scampi all Primo and polenta.

Lest we forget the sweetest ending of all; dolce! Opt for a classic Limoncello Cake or Affogatto Primo followed by an espresso for the final conversations of your night out. All in all, the Bacaro Primo dining experience truly is not only remarkable but one of a distinct nature. It will have you feeling an escape from Kansas City and a landing into a charming atmosphere inspired by international and urban-American elements combined. Cin cin!


Instagram: @BacaroPrimo

Located at 323 E 55th St, Kansas City