Back in a Flash

Kiss chronic pain, aching muscles, and sore bodies goodbye!

Life can be a real pain in the neck!  Have no fear, when pain strikes, Dr. David Estes, Dr. John Perea, and the team at Back in a Flash Chiropractic and Massage have your back (and neck, hips, and feet). Aches and pains don’t stand a chance when you step foot into Back in a Flash.  Dr. Perea is a Colorado native who has been practicing for 11 years and is passionate about working with his clients in order to keep families healthy and connected to their innate healing ability. Dr. Perea treats a variety of conditions daily and has helped thousands of patients overcome chronic pain, recover from an injury or improve their quality of life with chiropractic care.

Back in a Flash offers a variety of natural healing services and are happy to customize your experience to make sure that your pain stops holding you back and you are able to live your very best life.  Chiropractic services and adjustments are able to help with pain, alignment, and overall feelings of well being.  Get ready for the most incredible massage you’ve ever had when this team gets their hands on you! They offer massage therapy, both Ashiatsu and Swedish, as well as a CBD massage that feels like a dream! Massages help to heal and relax tired, aching bodies.  Float therapy is a powerful tool for wellness, relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep. Floating is relaxing, fun, and an effortless way to melt away the stress that life builds. Finally, Back in a Flash offers laser therapy to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, and accelerate recovery from a wide range of ailments.

Do your aching, tired, stressed body a favor and call Back in Flash to schedule your first appointment and let this incredible, care focused, and science backed team bring you back to your optimal health and get you ready to tackle this new year!  Visit backinaflashnow.com or call 720-702-4727

THIS IS THE PLACE!!! This is where I go for all my chronic pain and the best chiropratic adjustment in Denver!

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