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A Retiring Table Gets a Makeover

While everyone was interred this year inside their homes, many have found that doing household projects small and large have, in some way, soothed their souls. And, when done together, reinforced bonds of family and friends. A project such as refurbishing a piece of furniture can be accomplished in a weekend. It can make that odd piece of furniture the pièce de resistance in your living room. Our expert, Molly Jackson, of Dust to Diamonds Décor, shows the steps to take a side table from "ho-hum" to "how'd you do that?"

"If you have a piece that is relatively functional or needs a simple repair, those are the ones you want to work with," says Molly. "This table was not in such bad shape."

"When it comes to paint choice, I prefer to use chalk paint as the primer and regular coat. It's so durable and versatile that you simply can't go wrong with it. You can have just about any color mixed up at the local hardware center.

"Clients these days take their influence from HGTV stars such as Joanna Gaines. They are looking for very neutral tones, whites and grays. But I really love using colors. If a client asks for color, I get so excited because I paint so many neutrals!" laughs Molly.

"Whatever color you are going to paint the piece, if it's a light color, use a lighter primer. Same for darker pieces-- use a dark shade if the final paint color is dark.
"Begin by removing all the hardware and anything that can be removed," Molly says.

"Next, lightly sand the rough patches on the piece and wipe it down with a tack cloth to gain a professional finish. Do not skip this part," Molly cautions.

"Now, you can begin to prime and paint. When priming the piece of furniture, start by cutting the edges and roll whatever can be rolled, being sure to get into the cracks and crevices. After that, lightly sand it to achieve a smooth finish. Wipe again to remove sanding dust, followed by two coats of paint color of choice, sanded in between coats.

"Next comes distressing. Making it look natural can be the hardest part. Find the areas that might be knocked or rubbed and distress those areas with a light sanding. Follow up with a wipe and apply a water-based sealant and replace the hardware when dry," says Molly. Follow Molly on Instagram at @DecorDustToDiamonds. 

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