Biohacking For Rejuvenation

The Well Lounge's Expanded Services Provide 360 Wellness For Physical, Mental, Spiritual Goals

Biohacking is one of the most popular current forms of human enhancement, in which people change aspects of their biology to improve their health, performance, brain function or overall well-being. Coinciding with this new year, Newtown-based health experts at The Well Lounge medical spa are expanding part of The Well to embrace and offer new, state-of-the-art biohacking services. 

Some types of biohacking have been applied for years, such as intermittent fasting or customized diets. Other modern examples of lifestyle biohacking are breathwork, meditation, whole-body exercise, sleep tracking, cold exposure and heat therapy.

Biohacking trends for 2024 indicate the direction is all about maximizing energy, anti-aging, nutrition, brain prowess, mobility and physical health. This medical spa's members will be among the first who can inquire about how best to fit these new Well Lounge offerings into their lives. 

Led by Co-Founder and Director of Aesthetics Tracy Nucera, B.S.N., R.N.; Co-Founder and Executive Director Kate Golden, M.S.H.R., P.H.R., and Board-Certified Physician Seth Althoff, M.D., The Well Lounge medical spa offers integrated wellness solutions combining inner wellness and outer beauty to promote healthy lifestyles, positive body image and self-confidence.

Recently joining The Well Lounge staff is Meg Zakarewicz, D.O., a double board-certified physician who practiced family medicine for a decade-plus before shifting her focus to weight management in 2019. The four pillars of her medical weight management program, which are nutrition, physical activity, mindset and medication, perfectly complement the spa's medical, wellness and aesthetics offerings.

"Biohacking draws key benefits from fields such as biology, genetics, neuroscience and nutrition to achieve specific health outcomes," explains Kate. "Our spa also provides a variety of skin and body treatments to look and feel great, and a comprehensive medicine program focusing on lifestyle and prevention to help individuals lead healthier lives."

She says the team is especially enthused about offering an innovative, time-saving Ammortal Chamber during which participants can receive multiple therapies blended during the same 11- to 45-minute session in the forms of red light, vibration, sound, an electrical field, meditation, molecular hydrogen and mindful breathing.

The spa also now offers a cryotherapy chamber that can be added to other services, as well as calming human-touch massage chairs to combat fatigue. 

Leverage Concierge Medicine And Medical Weight Management 

Led by Dr. Seth, concierge medicine provides proactive medical care focused on prevention, lifestyle and greater access to care, including in-depth consultations; regular physician access; health coach for accountability, support and care coordination; and full access to the adjacent Newtown Athletic Club.

Dr. Seth says, "By taking a comprehensive look at patients' biopsychosocial medical histories, we personalize comprehensive plans to help them reach their goals. We also help patients improve recovery from injuries, stress management and various types of medical conditions."

Additionally, Dr. Meg’s medical weight management program focuses on nutrition, physical activity, mindset and medication to help patients understand meaningful lifestyle changes toward improved health, sustainable weight loss and overall wellness. "Food and nutrition impact the whole person, that's why it's vital to think about holistic approaches to everyday choices," she reminds.

Achieve Refreshing Facial, Skin Care

Guided by Tracy’s industry knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art facial imaging system VISIA skin analysis, each patient receives individualized skin care plans. Treatments range from medical-grade facials to wrinkle relaxers, collagen and dermal fillers, Morpheus8 and other laser facial treatments. Additionally, VIP Botox Parties enable patients to undergo treatments with their best friends at special group rates and all-day NAC access for trying their favorite workout classes. 

Secure Beautifying Body Treatments 

Body treatments, also led by Tracy, include laser treatments to permanently and gently remove body or facial hair using advanced broadband light. Body sculpting provides non-invasive alternatives for body contouring. Emsculpt Neo reduces fat and builds muscle using radiofrequency energy and high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation. The injectable Sculptra BBL can enhance facial collagen production for more youthful looks or to sculpt fuller backsides.

"Everybody deserves to feel beautiful. And we're here to help build confidence from the inside out with a total 360 experience," Tracy emphasizes.

Consult with Doctor Meg, new weight management expert at The Well Lounge.

Check out The Well Lounge's impressive expanded services and equipment for 2024. 

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