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Add a Hot Tub to Staycation in Style

While travel plans have taken a bit of a back seat this year, a popular alternative is to create a “staycation” area in the backyard that is not only visually pleasing, but is also functional for family gatherings or private time. Bringing outdoor ideas to life will not only put your improvement projects into motion, a carefully-planned space may replicate a vacation where you can relax and rejuvenate without having to leave home. The addition of a hot tub or all-weather pool, which is a larger spa that can be used for water exercises, is a great addition to any staycation outdoor space. A hot tub or pool is not only great for therapeutic reasons, it’s a fun way to have leisure time with friends and family. “An all-weather pool is an amazing way to enhance your backyard and swim during all four seasons,” says Josh Maul, owner and operator of Mauls Highlakes Spas. Mauls Highlakes Spas is a multi-generational, family-owned business that has won numerous awards for service dealership. The popular Arctic Spas brand, from Mauls requires less chemicals, needs less maintenance, is energy efficient, has Wi-Fi capabilities and is longer lasting than the average spa on the market. These advances make spa ownership today easier than ever before. MaulHotTubs.com

To create your perfect space:


Before you dive in, create a sketch of what your ideal backyard space would look like with a hot tub or pool as the focal point. A sturdy surface and easy access is a must. After you have the ideal floorplans, make a practical budget and start planning. “Assuring the longevity of a spa, that it’s energy efficient and that it’s made for harsh climates is important when purchasing a product for your home,” says Josh Maul. Mauls can recommend the right spa, one rated to very low temperatures—for example, Arctic Spas were first marketed for the more extreme climate of Canada.  

Visual Elements

Once your spa or pool, fire pit and seating area are in place, think about what visual elements will help you build a relaxing space. Strands of light bulbs create night-time ambiance.


Add accessories such as towel racks, drink holders and a stereo system to listen to your favorite music while you soak.

 Look Forward

Now that you have your ideal backyard space, enjoy your vacationing in place. Even in the cooler months, be sure to include a day (or week) with no major projects and plenty of relaxation in your hot tub.

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