Backyard Romance

Wanting to Stay Home This Valentine's Day? Upgrade Your Backyard's Romantic Ambiance

You don’t have to leave your home to experience the many luxuries of a romantic getaway—whether that’s sipping a glass of champagne while soaking in an outdoor spa at sunset, enjoying a therapeutic massage under the nighttime stars, or stepping into the warmth of a private outdoor rain shower.

If a romantic getaway is what you and your partner are looking for, there are limitless ways to create this escape right in your own backyard.


The Master Retreat

Have an exterior patio off of your master bedroom? This is one of the best places to create romance. Imagine stepping out of your bedroom into the privacy of an outdoor cabana. Purchase or have a masseuse bring massage tables for a couple’s massage, and add a small water fountain or play the sounds of a waterfall to complete the experience. Twinkling lights or candles complete the experience. Looking toward the future, complete the space with a rain shower, soaking tub, or heated spa.

Dinner Under the Stars

There’s no need to fly to Italy to experience the romance of al fresco dining. Imagine the intimacy of a patio with a small candle-lit dining table and chairs, the warm glow of café string lights above, wrapped in the privacy of trellises overflowing with jasmine-scented vines (or flowers or aromatherapy will do, too). Or, if you and your partner enjoy cooking, why not create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? There’s nothing more romantic than cooking for your partner and eating under the stars. What better way to satisfy all of the senses.

Fireside Retreat

To really get things heated up, add (or use, if you already have!) your wood-burning or gas fire pit. Add comfortable chairs or a daybed, sip on a glass of your favorite wine, and relax by the warmth. Play some romantic music, grab a cozy blanket, and snuggle in. It’s the perfect way to end the evening.

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