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Backyard Whimsy

Creating a kid-friendly backyard space

This adorable outdoor play space is not only easy and inexpensive to build, but it is full of charm and the perfect spot for the kids to play and lounge. The A-frame structure is easily customizable to any style and color scheme desired. Leave the wood bare, or add flare with paint or stain. An outdoor clubhouse provides a space that allows kids to make it their own and to let their imaginations run wild spending time outdoors. 

For this project, we visited Home Depot at Olathe Pointe to get all the necessary  supplies we needed. The deck is an 8 x 10 decking so  there is no need to cut down the length of any boards and pressure treated wood was used. First, dig holes 18 inches down to put the  footers, which is a 4 x 4 x 8 treated  post, and cut those into two foot lengths .  Next, pour quick set concrete in the holes. Add water, and set the posts in and let it dry. We used lag screws to attach the base 2 x  10’s to the corner posts, and then 2 x 6’s  for the joists with metal hangers. Now time to put on the decking boards with  exterior screws. Don’t forget to constantly check with a level.  Once the decking is  finished, now it is time for the fun!  

 For the A frame you need a 60-degree angle at the top of the A, and a 30-degree  angle at the bottom. You can run a 4 x 4 along the decking to attach the A frame to   which adds a bit of height so adults can stand in it as well.  Use heavy duty exterior screws to attach the A frame 2 x 4’s to the structure. The top of the A comes  together and is held by exterior screws. For the roofing, we used 8-foot corrugated clear panels and screwed those into the A frame for a weather protecting cover.  We left  three feet uncovered so a chair and some pots with herbs and flowers could be added to the entrance. Decorate with outdoor pillows, a children’s table, outdoor rug  and hanging flower pots to make it feel like a special place for kids to go. If entertaining friends, a few simple charcuterie boards are always a hit. 

Shoot Credits:

Supplies from Home Depot at Olathe Pointe

Clubhouse built by Janie Jones

Models: Blythe Schowengerdt, Addie Schowengerdt, Ezra Chamberlin

Styled by Angela Broockerd and Janie Jones

Charcuterie boards by Angela Broockerd

Food: Whole Foods

Milk: Shatto

Floor pillows: Target 

Plants and hanging macrame holders: Family Tree Nursery 

Wooden Basket: IKEA

For all your needed supplies visit Home Depot at 20025 W 154th St, Olathe.