Balancing Work and Family Life Is Necessary

Spencer Powell and His Daughter Quinn Share a Special Bond

Article by Connie McFall Clark

Photography by Kate Cooley/Cooley Portraits

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

June is always a special month because it includes the Father’s Day holiday. So many people are blessed with loving, caring fathers and four-year-old Quinn is just one of those daughters who can claim that existence. Spencer Powell started his business, Alamo Management Company when Quinn was three-months-old so initially it was challenging to have enough free time to spend with her.

Spencer’s company is successful and has grown to fifty plus employees. Even though his work life is busy, he takes times to take Quinn to school at least twice a week and is home for a family dinner most nights. Once a month, they have a daddy/daughter date where they do something fun, whether going to Quinn’s favorite restaurant or feeding the ducks or playing tennis. Spencer explains, “I want to enjoy these moments and remember them when she grows up.” His wife, Jessie completes the beautiful family circle.

Alamo management group ended the year 2021 with a strong grip on the local HOA market, adding 30,000 homes to its management portfolio. Its unique approach to HOA management has proven to be the change that many HOA boards and developers have been seeking.

This year AMG will boldly step into the Commercial Property Management industry.   With over 35 years of combined experience in property management and fueled by a trusted reputation, the leadership team is confident in its ability to establish a favorable presence in commercial property management market.

“As our company grows, so does our staff! Because we truly value our employees, we continuously evaluate how to improve the AMG work culture, all while encouraging our staff to maintain a healthy work life balance.”

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