Balancing Act

Managing partner at Century 21 Top Realty and TAAF Head Coach at Stars Gymnastics, Le Nguyen balances his time between two competitive industries.

Former competitive gymnast Le Nguyen has been coaching gymnastics for nearly 20 years. The TAAF Head Coach at Stars Gymnastics has a history of students that have gone on to highly ranked gyms all over the country and landed gymnastics scholarships at highly regarded colleges and universities. Although gymnastics has long been a passion for him, so is real estate, and he splits his time between both industries. 

Do you have a gymnastics specialty? 

We focus on competitive women’s gymnastics, the kind you see on TV with Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, and legends like Shannon Miller and Mary Lou Retton (we coached her daughters at Stars Gymnastics). Our gym goes from level 1 to level 10. Our owners and head coach are part of the Olympic Committee and have coached all over the world. 

How did you become involved in gymnastics?

I was a former gymnast myself. When I turned 16, I was impacted by multiple injuries, and due to our family economic situation, my parents gave me an ultimatum. I either had to pick gymnastics or college, but there was no way we could afford both. In the end, I chose to hit the books harder. 

How do you balance both your gymnastics and realty jobs? 

It is all about balance and the systems I’ve put in place. In gymnastics, I have an assistant coach who helps me with the younger gymnasts. As the girls get older and more advanced, coaching comes into play to guide them mentally and physically through more complex skills. On the realty side, I have fantastic support from my marketing director, transaction coordinator, and buyer’s agent - they are my real estate team who help keep my business going while I’m coaching gymnastics. 

If you could only choose one, which job would you keep and why?

That would be a tough choice. My real estate company wants me to quit gymnastics and do real estate non-stop, and my gym wants me to leave real estate and focus on more gymnastics. As long as my body will allow me to do both, I will. And since I’ve been in real estate for over 13 years and coaching alongside it, I don’t see myself stopping. 

Le Nguyen

Stars Gymnastics - TAAF Head Coach

Century 21 Top Realty - Managing Partner/Realtor

281-818-8177 or le@texastoprealty.com


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