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Learning more about Bald Man Brewing

Bald Man Brewing opened its doors in Eagan six years ago with the goal of producing fresh artisan craft beers for the local market. But the story began in 1992 when brewmaster Tristan Kusnierek, The Bald Man, started home brewing in 1992 while in college.

After dealing with the hassle of brewing in an apartment for three years, he took a break until he reignited his passion for brewing in 2001 when he helped a friend out with a home brew kit. The Bald Man had so much fun that he went out and purchased a new home brew kit for himself and started brewing his own beer once again. 

In June 2012, The Bald Man attended formal brewery training with the American Brewers Guild and completed the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program. He interned with Lift Bridge Brewing in Stillwater. 

The Bald Man was well known for bringing his great beer to family gatherings where serial entrepreneur, businessman, and self-proclaimed beer geek Dan Jacobs got to enjoy his creations. Dan became so impressed with The Bald Man's brewing capabilities that he was convinced that these talents had to be shared with everyone, so he designed and built the brewery with The Bald Man. The brewery is located in a 15,000-square foot space that houses its brewing operations, taproom, patio and offices on Highway 13.

Bald Man Brewing's tap list includes a wide variety of tasty pints like Cherry Bomb Cherry Wheat, Misty Mountain IPA, and Paint It Black Vanilla Porter. For non-beer drinkers, Bald Man Brewing has a variety of seltzers and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. When they don't have a food truck on hand, they fire up pizzas from Heggies and Brick Oven Bus. 

In addition to the food truck schedule, be sure to check out their website for beer releases, trivia, and live music. If you can't stay and enjoy a beer in their taproom, be sure to pick up a growler to bring home.