Bamboo Beauty

Everyday Sabbatical creates sustainable women’s clothing right around the corner

Ever notice that most clothes are designed by men for celebrities or models on the catwalk, fit a tiny sliver of the population chasing trends for social media, and all too often end up in landfills by the next season? 

Everyday Sabbatical founder, Mini Kil, dreamed of a versatile, effortless wardrobe meant for active women who just need to get on with their busy days. Like most of her friends, she simply wanted clothes that felt luxurious and sophisticated but for everyday wear. They needed to be comfortable and look good for all sorts of settings: errands, carpools, happy hours, Zoom meetings, work trips, yoga, etc. She also insisted on using soft, sustainable bamboo fabric. That’s a tall order! 

Fast-forward to when the world shut down in March 2020, Mini tackled this issue head on with her Capsule Collection: “I started with designing out all my pet peeves. Our dresses, joggers, and shorts all have functional yet sleek pockets. None of our bottoms have drawstrings. Each neckline is flattering for any age and our dresses have a forgiving frame for shifting waistlines.” As the daughter of hard-working immigrant parents from Korea who were small business owners themselves, she knew it would be a hard and risky but an irresistible adventure nonetheless. 

"Dress for the life you live, today and every day"

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