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Gentlemen’s Choice Continues To Be a Cut Above the Rest After 51 Years in Frederick

Article by Emily Dickey

Photography by Kristi Lynn Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

There’s nothing like the sounds of a busy barber shop—electric razors buzzing, hair dryers humming, scissors snipping, phones ringing and music playing.

Above this constant chorus at Gentlemen’s Choice Barber Shop are the steady bellows of laughter and conversations of daily lives. Customers are warmly greeted entering the shop, welcoming those with appointments as well as those who simply walk-in. 

Originally opened in 1972, in the Frederick Towne Mall, Gentlemen’s Choice has been a fixture in the Frederick Community for 51 years, moving to its current location on West Patrick Street in 2006. Longtime employee Amanda Blumenauer started at the shop 39 years ago after the original owner, Dick Beckley, recruited her from Camp Hill Barber Styling Institute. Kevin Fogg started at the shop 29 years ago after finishing his schooling at the same facility. The pair purchased the business in April 2019. 

“We work really well together,” said Kevin.

The Covid Pandemic struck less than one year after Amanda and Kevin took over, but a supportive team and loyal customers helped them stay afloat, despite the government-mandated shut down. “The minute we could open the doors, we were swamped,” said Amanda. “We were excited to reunite with our clients, helping them get their styles back.”

With twelve barbers and cosmetologists, Gentlemen’s Choice offers services for clients of all ages and hair types. “We are not only for men, but the entire family,” said Amanda, noting the stylists work together to help clients determine the cuts they want. 

“We know the strengths of each other. We have a team with extensive experience,” Kevin agreed. A team that also functions as a family. “We put family first always—so if one of us needs something, we help each other out,” Amanda said.

Both Kevin and Amanda average about 20-25 cuts per day each, and agree that they enjoy getting to know her clients—some they have had for decades. “Now I am cutting their children’s hair. Building those relationships is special,” said Kevin.  



2023 Fall Hair Trends

“As far as trends, really everything goes; right now it’s more about embracing the hair you have. We have requests for a lot of different styles,” Amanda said. Below are some of the most popular requests:

Permed Mullet: The mullet keeps it short in the front and sides, while allowing the back to be longer. Perming the back has become popular among clients. 

Skin Fade: The skin fade refers to a faded haircut, where the bottom back portion is skin that fades gradually into the hair as it goes up the head.

Uncut Cut: This style has a tight fade in the back and longer on top, many times swooping into the face. Perming the longer top portion is popular, while some clients keep the longer portion more unkempt. 

Perms: Chemically making the hair curly has come back into popularity for both men and women. A more layered shaggy perm has become popular for Fall. 

Flat Top: Clippered on the side, the top of this style has an upright, flat top. 

Messy Malibu: More like a surfer/beachy look, this cut features a wavy perm and shaggy length. 

Taper Cut: Cut close in the back, but at more of a ½ inch - 2 inch length instead of skin, this style is shorter on top with a combover.

“We are not only for men, but the entire family!" - Amanda Blumenauer

"We have a team with extensive experience...we work really well together.” - Kevin Fogg

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