Bassett Home Furnishings

Locally owned and operated for 70 years

For over a century, Bassett Home Furnishings has been bringing the country's finest furniture materials under one roof while helping families build a space they love and that they want to share with their friends and family. Katie Crowley's grandparents opened Kansas City’s first Crowley Furniture & Mattress store in 1954 and say the customization Bassett brings to the table is unmatched. The family opened a stand-alone Bassett store in 2017 in Overland Park, but the Crowley family has carried Bassett products inside their KC furniture stores for over 50 years. 

"We have been Kansas City's family-owned furniture store for 70 years, and it’s because we have high-quality products and a high level of service," explained Crowley, “That’s a very unique characteristic that we bring to the Basset store because not only do we have the backing of the manufacturer, but our customers are being serviced by someone locally.” 

Customers turn to Bassett when it comes to building their dream furniture. Their wide-selection of materials gives clients access to a variety of premium fabrics, leather, wood finishings, and other high quality materials that are crafted and designed to fit into any home. Customers are also treated to Bassett design consultants who are trained to walk customers through the customization process or to assist if they need help fine-tuning their vision or the style of furniture. Whether it’s a modern look or a transitional style, each design consultant helps customers create a product that meets their needs. 

Crowley says the finished customized product brings a valuable investment to homes because it ensures their customers are happy with every piece, and most importantly it creates one-of-a-kind moments that tell a family's unique story. 

“You don’t just buy a dining table to have somewhere to sit on. Certain pieces of furniture will be in your family's home for years and will be remembered because of all the memories that happened around that one dining table. Furniture has a lot of sentimental value to people because it is associated with all those memories,” said Crowley. 

While some families have an idea of what they want, others turn to Bassett for inspiration on larger projects. The store also features an outside designer program that gives KC interior designers the opportunity to bring their clients inside their space. The goal is to have each client see Bassett products first hand, get their designer’s suggestions, and work hand-in-hand with Bassett design consultants throughout the entire furniture purchasing process. This month, Kara Kersten Designs will be featured inside Bassett. 

"We wanted to show just what Bassett custom products can do, so when meeting with Kara, it just made sense because she listens and understands what the client needs and makes sure their products fit in their space just the way they envision it,” said Crowley. “This showcase with Kara shows the possibilities of our custom line and how it can fit the needs and styles of different people.” 

For families looking to change their living space, but who already have their dream furniture, Crowley advises to play with patterns and textures, especially with spring and summer months ahead. 

“Accents help bring out colors, even if you're in a neutral palette, it helps to bring in some of those blues or greens that kind of give a little bit of a lift,” said Crowley. “Don't be afraid of patterns. If you don’t want to commit, add accent pillows because texture can also bring out a space.”

For more information visit bassettfurniture.com or visit the store at 6801 W 135th Street, Overland Park.

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