2022 Fall Hair Trends With Amanda Sacco

The Inside Scoop on The Upcoming Season’s Hair Trends with Wildflower Beauty House

Article by Taylor Henderson

Photography by Crystal Steiner

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Amanda Sacco opened Wildflower Beauty House in October of 2019, four years after she became a hairstylist and extensions specialist in 2015. She wanted to create a salon that welcomed hairstylists, estheticians—skin care experts who specialize in lashes and waxing—nail technicians, and all other talents in the cosmetology industry. With Amanda’s careful curation, Wildflower Beauty House has stylists who offer a range of services that complement one another. Each stylist is their own business entity, all housed under one roof at Wildflower Beauty, and they work together to provide clients with a full aesthetic experience.

Amanda describes her team as “a field of wildflowers, all different and unique.” This is reflected in the salon suits at the Beauty House. You’ll find each room tailored to the taste and personality of each stylist, from the decorations to the music—which can range from reggae to classic county. When she’s not in her style suit, you can hear Amanda on the soccer field, cheering on her three boys louder than the other soccer moms. Greeley born and raised, with a husband who also grew up here, Amanda is a stylist and business owner loyal to the community. She encourages her clients and her stylists to feel comfortable showing off their true selves and provides high-end, welcoming beauty services to everyone who steps inside Wildflower Beauty House.

In Amanda’s expert words: “A volume row is one full row—5 to 6 wefts—of hand-tied hair extensions.” Wefts, the thin hair pieces, are sewn into the client’s hair, creating a seamless and low-maintenance blend. They add instant volume, thickness, and length. Wildflower Beauty House’s specialized “Bloom Wefts” can be lightened, toned, or permed to match your natural hair!

Landlocked? Amanda has unlocked the beach wave secrets that will bring the coast to you in Colorado! If you can’t have the talented stylists at Wildflower Beauty House do your hair every day, Amanda suggests using a 1 to 1 ¼ inch Long Barrel Curling Iron or a Beach Waver Crimper. The Long Barrel Iron makes it easier to create the same wave pattern across large sections of hair. The three barrels on the Beach Waver can help you achieve that fresh-from-the-water look.  

Moving on from 1980s Farrah Fawcett-inspired cuts, Fall 2022 will be full of Jennifer Anniston looks, straight from the 90s. Large Velcro rollers combined with layered haircuts create volume and movement. If rollers aren’t for you, you can add volume mousse from Wildflower Beauty House to damp hair and blow dry for a similar effect.

Gray blending is another trend that embraces natural hair growth. It’s the ideal way to ease into going gray and stylize a naturally-aged look. These highlights, created with baby fine weaves, give clients a longer outgrowth period by blending grays into the rest of their hair. Whether you just started turning silver or have had grays for decades, blending is the trendy way to switch up your style. A recent movement to embrace and accentuate the hair’s natural warmth has brought copper highlights to the forefront of salon stylings. Copper highlights are perfect if you “battle the warmth every appointment trying to get the perfect blonde,” Amanda says. 

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