Beach Houses With Southern Charm

Mother-Daughter Duo Dish Up Delightful Designs

Creatively transforming livable spaces is a whole process, a detailed approach Lisa and Leah Selvig adamantly relish. 

As interior designers and owners of Invision Home Staging + Design, this mother-daughter team enjoys the planning, hunting, organizing and placement of staging new or remodeled homes. 

In addition to home staging and design, they have an eye for styling unique spaces, such as beach homes. 

Lately, Lisa and Leah have been frequently asked to lend their design prowess to Floridian beach homes, lake houses and vacation rental properties. So, they've been incorporating their own version of coastal living styles, often blending natural and organic looks with textures and unusual color combinations, such as navy, oatmeal and mustard. They place rattan with jute and linens. 

"We often start with determining the best painting and lighting options, because those are two areas where you get the most benefits from the money invested," Lisa says. 

Regarding interior design trends, boldness appears to be better in 2019. Coastal styles typically infuse ocean hues and warm, sun-bleached whites, as well as using natural materials, soft furnishings and fabrics. This style often celebrates the use of natural lights and nautical decor, too. 

Some coastal styles are defined by the word "relaxation" and may be referred to as the cottage coastal style to reflect a more contemporary approach. Other coastal styles reflect a more Polynesian or Hawaiian effect through bright, tropical patterns, natural elements, natural teak and other woods and cultural decor. Still, other coastal styles go into bright, sun-baked colors, terra cotta, heavy woods, black iron and carved detailing.

"We like to achieve authentic, sophisticated looks while still evoking comfy, warm feelings," Leah says. 

To that end, Leah and Lisa say they're including reflective surfaces and certain metals in their coastal style of design while mixing it up with gems found at various home decor retailers. 

An inspiring example of their beach home staging recently was done in a home within the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, a house owned by a Nashville resident. Working with a four-bedroom bayfront cottage, Leah and Lisa created an inviting but worry-free look for the rental property. 

Invision Home Staging + Design's Quick Tips for Beach Homes' Interiors:

  • All metals in a room don't have to match; it becomes more interesting when there's a mix. Don't be afraid to combine different metals!
  • Organic fabrics and shades always are great on windows, and they add so much texture to a room, they look fabulous in a beach house. Many believe they're much more interesting than wooden blinds. 
  • Relaxed living is the aim by marrying functionality with aesthetics. Choose materials that are durable but look luxurious and relaxing. 
  • The paint in main living spaces should be peaceful and neutral. Let the art, textiles and lighting do the communicating.
  • Greenery, preferably live, is a must for every room because it adds such liveliness and color.

Invision Home Staging + Design's Quick Tips for Beach Homes' Exteriors:

  • Balance and symmetry play an important role in designing the overall look and first impressions brought about by houses. Make sure there's some symmetry on the exterior of homes to appeal to the eye and to look proportional.
  • Focus on natural light! Windows are such a focal point of a home, especially at a beach house. Large, non-obstructed windows are so important and beautiful on a beach house.
  • Mixing materials adds interest and contrast, such as combining stone and siding, wood and brick or painted brick and siding.
  • Beach homes should remain neutral and casual. Don't draw too much attention to the home through the use of prominent, audacious exterior colors. Allow beach houses to blend in nicely with their surroundings.
  • Hire an experienced landscaper to make your home feel inviting and stand apart from the rest.

Lisa and Leah say they work hard at listening to each client's objectives because they want them to love their homes as their retreats and sanctuaries.

This perfect beach getaway is located right inside the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in Miramar Beach, FL and available to rent through VRBO.

Beach home purchases can feel like complex financial challenges. However, Jonathan Wilson, a Legends Bank mortgage adviser in Brentwood, happily shares solution-driven expertise. Jonathan sometimes recommends using equity in primary residences for down payments. Financing for second homes can include attractive terms and rates.

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