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Pet Safety: Beat the Heat

Hot weather safety tips for your pets

The dog days of summer have definitely arrived in NE Oklahoma. The hot summer temperatures can be very dangerous to our pets making them prone to illnesses and injuries like dehydration and heat stroke.

Tips to help lessen the chances for heat related injuries

Walk or exercise your pet during the cooler times of day, usually early morning or dusk.

Humidity is particularly dangerous when combined with high temperatures; do not exercise or play excessively with your pets during these times.

Allow access to cool/shaded water at all times when outdoors and avoid metal drinking bowls as they contribute to the heating effects on the water.

Pavement, roads, and concrete can be EXTREMELY hot and burn the pads of the paws. Walk pets on grass and try to avoid hot surfaces whenever possible. Paw booties can be purchased and placed over the paws to prevent thermal burns.

If your pet shows signs of overheating including excessive panting, loud or raspy panting, falling behind on walks, etc. STOP all activity immediately, bath with cool water (not cold water or ice) and contact a veterinarian immediately.

About the author: Dr. Troy McNamara is the medical director of the Animal Emergency Center, located at 4055 S 102nd E Ave (41st St & HWY 169) in Tulsa, OK. He is an active member of the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, the Tulsa County Medical Veterinary Association, and the Veterinary Endoscopy Association. He's served as co-chair for the OVMA Surgical Suite at the Tulsa State Fair for the last several years.

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