Celebrating 60 Years of The Beatles

This local Beatles tribute band makes the fab four shine.

"I created BeaTogether with Friends out of a love for the music that changed the world in so many ways,” says George Stamm, the producer of his amazing project. George has produced and performed as John Lennon in many Beatles tribute bands for decades. But he wanted to tell a more intimate story of the music of the Beatles this time.

George’s story is a fairytale-like parallel of how the original Beatles came together over 60 years ago and how his new band formed. First, there was John Lennon (in this case, George). Then John asked Paul McCartney to join the band, like how George asked his partner, Don McBroom, an outstanding keyboard and bass guitar player, to join him on this journey. Then George met Casey Hooper, a stellar lead guitar player, and singer, to join. Finally, Don invited Bryan Holmes, a longtime friend and an amazing drummer to join, similar to how Ringo joined the band, with a reputation of being the best drummer around, and so too is Bryan’s history as a recording artist and performer for decades. It was like a dream come true with four guys, with decades of experience, playing this music. 

“Our first rehearsal session together was unreal... like we’ve been playing together for years. The chemistry was like magic. I felt that I finally found my Beatles musical soulmates,” George relates.  “I decided to name the ‘project’, not so much the ‘band’, “BeaTogether with Friends” to highlight how this music brings people “together” both on stage, as bandmates, but also off stage as well, like “Friends” of the Beatles in the audiences, because virtually everyone loves the music of the Beatles.” 

BeaTogether with Friends not only performs the Beatles' greatest hits but also performs several songs the Beatles wrote and gave to their “Friends”, that is, other musicians they knew, such as The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Peter and Gordon, The Byrds, and The Hollies. For example, Lennon and McCartney wrote the song, “I Wanna Be Your Man”, and gave it to the Rolling Stones, which helped them get a recording contract. Peter and Gordon recorded “A World Without Love” written by Lennon-McCartney as well. "This is what friends do to help each other." 

So, why the Beatles?

“A guy I invited to join me a few years ago but couldn’t, Mike Pacelli, a real Beatles aficionado, stated on YouTube a few years back, ‘Every post-1969 rock song is a son of Beatles songs.’ Mike is right,” says George. "Virtually all serious musicians and recording artists readily admit, the Beatles were their greatest influence. And it’s no surprise the Beatles gave birth to BeaTogether with Friends." 

“Our show includes many backstories between the songs. I did not want this project to be just another Beatles tribute band trying to look and act like the Beatles on stage, although I admit I still love those hairdos back then. Rather, I wanted the ‘stories of the songs’ to come through loud and clear. And I like using rare period piece film clips and videos to take audiences back in time to feel the era when songs were simple and sweet and touched everyone’s hearts. In this way, we as BeaTogether with Friends honor the Beatles and their “Friends” by faithfully replicating their sounds and the feel of their live performances on stage. I also love composers like Mozart from centuries ago. Amadeus was like a rock star in his day. And in some ways, I feel like we live in a time when four Mozart composers came together and formed the greatest band in history, The Beatles. I consider BeaTogether with Friends a true celebration of the music of the Beatles and their Friends. I plan to celebrate these 60 years of the music of the Beatles as long as I can.”

For information and to buy tickets to their next performance, go to beatogetherwithfriends.com.

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