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Brow Services and Makeup Application at Beauclair Beauty Bar Make It an Attractive Destination in Downtown Kirkland

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors: eyebrows. Not only do they express emotion, but they also frame the “windows to the soul,” our eyes. No wonder we’re preoccupied with them. 

That’s good news for aestheticians who provide modern makeup and brow services, such as Dominique Beauclair. She says the sheer variety of brows keeps things interesting, and she seeks to deliver the look a customer wants through innovative techniques such as microblading or other forms of permanent makeup. 

Permanent may be a misnomer, in that PMU requires periodic lifelong maintenance to age well. But for many, that beats having to apply makeup daily. For those unfamiliar, microblading entails using tattooing to apply hair-like individual strokes to fill in or shape brows.

Such services have grown in popularity recently, and Dominique attributes this to better techniques.

“Microblading has improved in the last five years,” she says. “It should fade to a natural color as it ages, which looks realistic versus the powder effect.”

Color can be reapplied after a few years but would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Consultation is an important part of the process for Dominique, who wants her clients to understand what they’re signing up for and be happy with the result. For example, someone who wants a precisely defined brow would have a sugaring process (a gentler depilatory technique than waxing) before microblading, whereas those who want a more natural look may forgo this.

Not surprisingly, typical clients are women ages 20 to 40. But Dominique also sees clients who seek her out for more therapeutic reasons, such as those who have had trauma or alopecia. Microblading can be a godsend for those who have few, if any, other options. 

Dominique is a lifelong learner. Her favorite part of the business is “learning about products, procedures and what I can do for my clients,” she says. To that end, she has discovered products like Keratin Lash Infusion, which combines a keratin treatment and lash lift.

Starting as a makeup artist, Dominique still does makeup for photoshoots and special occasions. She hopes to develop a skin care line one day, but only after she’s sure the products are good for clients. As stated on her website, “I use organic, natural and vegan products whenever possible because I value all of my clients’ health as well as the planet.”

Perhaps this is what sets her apart from others—that and a restless drive that keeps her striving for the best.

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