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Dayton Powder Brows can elevate your look through permanent makeup and more.

Article by Nina Weierman

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Originally published in Centerville Lifestyle

Dayton Powder Brows opened their studio in August of 2022, but the journey for owner ShaTerra Jenkins began much earlier. Sole owner and technician for six years before debuting her brick-and-mortar location, ShaTerra built a loyal customer base through a focus on service excellence. “Customer service is everything to us. We ensure that our clients have a great experience from the first encounter until the last,” shares ShaTerra. 

Although brows are in the name, Dayton Powder Brows is so much more than that. ShaTerra and her team offer a variety of permanent makeup and beauty services. In addition to specializing in powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, velvet lip blush and permanent eyeliner, they also provide body waxing, facial threading, brow tinting, lash extensions, lash lifts, teeth whitening and teeth gems. ShaTerra also leads three and five day training courses for student artists learning brows or the full suite of signature permanent makeup techniques. 

The studio's dedication to excellence is evident in their numerous glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Gina, a client who had been doing her brows daily for 25 years, expressed her delight at finally taking the plunge into permanent makeup. “From the first email setting things up and sending in my photos, to meeting at the studio for the first time, every step has been nothing but ideal. Stop waiting, give them a call or just book that appointment,” shares Gina in a recent review. 

Looking to the future, Dayton Powder Brows has exciting plans in the pipeline. ShaTerra hopes to introduce piercings to their repertoire, and skincare services such as facials may be on the horizon. ShaTerra’s commitment to growth and innovation keeps her team motivated to bring the best possible experience to their clients. With a dedicated team, an ever-expanding array of services and a genuine love for their clients, this local, woman-owned business continues to shine in their industry. DaytonPowderBrows.com

Powder Brows

Powder brows is a permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances and defines the appearance of the eyebrows. Unlike microblading, which creates hair-like strokes, powder brows involve creating a soft, powdered effect that resembles the look of filled-in eyebrows using makeup. This technique is a more defined and polished look that mimics the appearance of well-groomed, powdered eyebrows - hence the name “powder brows.” 

Brow hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons from overplucking and excessive grooming to medical conditions, illness or just aging. The artists at Dayton Powder Brows can help give clients their confidence back by restoring the shape of their brows. 

Permanent Makeup 

Permanent lip and eyeliner services help to build definition and provide all-over color. As people age, the natural lip and eye definition can diminish, resulting in less prominent features. Permanent makeup can restore and enhance the appearance of lips and eyes, giving a more youthful and refreshed look. “Our permanent eyeliner service helps to define a client’s natural shape and allows them to always look ready,” shares ShaTerra. Especially popular among individuals with busy lifestyles, such as working professionals, parents or those with active schedules, permanent eyeliner eliminates the need for frequent touch-ups and reapplication.

Teeth Whitening & Gems

Dayton Powder Brows also offers teeth whitening and tooth gem services. Tooth gems, also known as dental gems or tooth jewelry, are a popular cosmetic dental accessory that involves placing a small decorative gem or crystal on the surface of a tooth. They are a noninvasive and temporary way to add a touch of sparkle or glam to a person's smile. “Sometimes, clients don't feel good about their teeth and don't feel comfortable going to the dentist, but these services change how they feel about that. We get to see the biggest smiles at the end,” expresses ShaTerra.

Consultations & Continuing Education

When it comes to helping clients figure out which service best suits their desired look, ShaTerra and her team begin by listening to the client. “We help clients figure out which service might best fit them simply by chatting about what they are looking for. We take into consideration skin type, age factors and preferences,” explains ShaTerra. 

Keeping up with the latest trends, techniques and products is a cornerstone of Dayton Powder Brows' success. Their commitment to continuing education and constant refinement of their craft helps ShaTerra and her team provide the best possible service to their clients. They pride themselves on being at the forefront of the industry, offering the latest and most innovative services. “We keep up with the latest trends and techniques by constantly continuing our education and mastering our current services,” imparts ShaTerra.

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