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Beauty Inspired Investing

Art Can Be a Great Investment Choice

Article by Cheyenne Forbes

Photography by Karin Davidson

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

Art investment is a great way to diversify your portfolio and a reliable way to invest. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Art & Finance Report, there were great upward trends regarding art’s role and importance in wealth management between December 2011 and November 2023. 

According to that same report, 78% of wealth managers in 2015 believed art and collectibles should be part of an overall wealth management strategy. reported that in 2022, the global art market generated almost 68 billion U.S. dollars. It surpassed the figures reported prior to the coronavirus pandemic, reaching the second-highest value in the last 15 years.

Bonnie Brennan, president for American Art, on the topic of art being a good investment, stated in a PBS NewsHour interview, “We really see it as an expansion of the market and it’s an innovative way to broaden our market.”

Peter Max artworks (one pictured) have sold on auction sites like Heritage Auctions for over 30 thousand dollars. 

There is also fractionalized art investing. In this shared ownership scenario, you own and trade your portion of a highly-priced art piece.

While lucrative, investing in art takes experience.  Artelier, an art consultant company, suggests that those who are new to art investment set a goal as to what they’d like to accomplish, research the type of art they’d like to invest in, and seek out professional help.  There are scammers who sell counterfeit works of art. Artelier stated that a professional could be an art dealer, gallery owner or even a private collector.

The most important things to know as a beginner are to do your research and invest in art that you also find beautiful. reported that in 2022, the global art market generated almost 68 billion U.S. dollars

  • Better World - Peter Max