Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

The family-owned business has been a staple in West Hartford's Business Scene for 45 Years

For 45 years Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry has been a significant presence in West Hartford Center’s high-end retail scene. The family-owned jewelers has been the trusted source for engagement, bridal and legacy pieces.

We recently chatted with Becker’s President Peter Mouawad about how the business has changed over the years and what’s trending now in fine jewelry.

“This time of year, weddings are the primary business drivers. Things have changed somewhat in recent years, and now newer-style diamond eternity bands are very current. Couples are looking for matching wedding bands as their wedding dates near. We are seeing a younger, more modern demographic coming in for their bands, joining our generational clientele who may be seeking an addition or upgrade to their classic wedding set,” Peter told us. 

The store offers a substantial selection of fashion-forward jewelry in their biggest wedding brands, Gabriel, A. JAFFE and Shy Creations. A bit daintier and more delicate, these pieces are getting lots of attention from both younger, first-time buyers and more established clientele.

Another area seeing significant increases in interest and sales are lab-grown diamonds. Virtually undetectable from a mined diamond, lab-grown diamonds share the same elemental chemical composition and have the same hardness as a mined diamond.

“Lab-grown diamonds now make up 70 percent of our bridal business, particularly with our younger buyers,” Peter explained. “We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the collection; it’s environmentally conscious and allows people to maximize their budget; it opens doors for clients to choose from a wider range of styles and showcase settings.”

Some of the major trends that the jewelry business is focused on now include contemporary paper clip chains, and layering pieces continue to be a big look. The store has seen more pendant and earring sales over the last few years.

 “The diamond necklace is very popular, with diamond accents or full diamonds like the iconic tennis bracelet/necklace of years past. Daintier fashion pieces are making a comeback, particularly lightweight omega necklaces, especially with younger customers.” 

Peter is especially proud of Becker’s varied and unique collection of antique and vintage estate jewelry, along with pre-owned Swiss watches for men. “

Customers are coming in for heirloom jewelry to add to their collections, especially pieces designed in the 60s and 70s,” Peter added. 

Another primary service that sets Becker’s apart is their Custom Design Department which works with customers to create signature jewelry and who also help with jewelry repair, such as restringing, combining or updating vintage pearl strands. 

Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry is committed to giving customers that “wow” experience they want in their jewelry purchase journey. Its mission is to “make it perfect” for every client.

Becker's Fine Jewelry and Diamonds

65 LaSalle Road



“Lab-grown diamonds now make up 70 percent of our bridal business, particularly with our younger buyers. “We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the collection." Peter Mouawad.

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