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Becoming a Warrior

Brandon McDaniel Shares his Martial Arts Journey

Martial arts can transform your life in three ways, says Brandon McDaniel, manager and instructor at Warrior Way Martial Arts in Walled Lake. “The physical part includes getting in shape and having the ability to defend oneself in a physical altercation. Secondly, practitioners benefit mentally. Our classes provide an opportunity for the students to check out of their daily routine and focus on themselves for an hour or two. Lastly is the social aspect of training. You will see the widest cross section of the population all on the same mat in pursuit of the goal of bettering themselves.”

Brandon emphasizes the psychological benefits of training. “When you’re practicing the martial arts, it is hard to worry about the stressors in your life and for that brief training session, you get a mental break. Our students learn to deal with stress in a new way and how to be less reactive to things outside their control.”

Warrior Way, founded in 1997 by owner Harvy Berman and his two partners, set Brandon on his path. "I have trained non-stop since 1999 and have had the good fortune of learning so much from Harvy. He is a great martial artist and has been a mentor to countless people.”

Brandon first became interested in martial arts after watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship at age 17. Says Brandon, “Watching Royce Gracie showcase the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu Jitsu in that event, I was inspired to learn his family’s art.” After some research, he landed at Warrior Way.

Warrior Way specializes in in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. In Brandon’s opinion, these are the most practical martial arts for reality-based self-defense. Adds Bradon, “We are fortunate to have the most experienced instructors that know how to teach students who have a wide range of abilities.”

For those curious about training in martial arts, Brandon offers this advice. “Make it part of your weekly routine. I believe that the reality-based martial arts that we teach here at Warrior Way will improve and enrich anyone’s life.”

Brandon speaks from experience. “Martial arts have made such a positive impact on my personal life. I have spent the last 23 years engrained in the martial arts culture. It has certainly shaped the person I am today beyond measure. The most notable benefit is the relationships I have made with amazing people who I get to share the mat with every day!”

Warrior Way

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Walled Lake, MI