Beer Gardens & Live Music

Let the music cure what "ales" you.

The first known documentation of beer dates from an excavation in Iran around 3400 B.C.Some historians date it a millennia before that. Beer developed in agrarian societies. The Babylonians were notably fond of beer. Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with vats of beer. Pyramid workers were essentially paid in beer. One of the first written recipes for beer comes from a poem, a 3800 year-old ode to brewing that was etched into clay tablets. “Hymn to Ninkasi” celebrates the Sumerian goddess of beer and also conveniently outlines steps for brewing. 

The beer brewing process is an art that is composed of seven key steps. First, the brewer must select and prepare the ingredients which typically include malted grains, hops, and yeast. Second, the grains are milled to break open the husks and release the starches within. Third, the grains are then mashed, which involves steeping them in hot water and is used to activate enzymes in the grain which convert the starches into sugars. Fourth, the lautering step follows, where the sugars are separated from the spent grains. Fifth, the wort, or liquid extract, is boiled with hops to add flavor and bitterness. Sixth, the wort is cooled and the yeast is added for fermentation. Finally, the beer is packaged, either in bottles, cans, or kegs, and is ready for consumption. With these seven steps, brewers can create a wide variety of beer styles, each with its own unique flavor and character.

To celebrate this timeless beverage, we invite you to partake in some of Stamford's finest brew offerings along with great live music.

The Beer Garden at Shippan Landing is an outdoor oasis with a rotating roster of craft beer, a variety of creative food trucks, live music, and special events, The Beer Garden is the perfect place to relax with friends or family by the water.

They offer a delicious and intriguing menu of craft beers, ciders and canned cocktails. They feature the area’s beast in acoustic music.

Cisco Brewers was founded in Nantucket near Cisco Beach in 1995 by hard-working, entrepreneurial islanders who began selling beer from their outdoor brewery, Cisco Brewers gained a cult-like following across the Northeast, built on its laid-back, good times lifestyle.

Cisco Brewers at The Village in Stamford features live music, food and drinks.

Since 1995, they’ve bottled up that “happiest place on earth” energy into every beer they’ve served and instilled it at every brewpub they’ve opened, across New England.

Because at Cisco, good vibes are always in season. Their beer is pretty awesome, too.

Third Place by Half Full Brewery is an outdoor beer garden featuring live music that's also a co-working space, tasting room, event space and coffee shop. Stop by for a coffee, post up for the day with your laptop, hop in one of the phonebooths for a work call, and then finish with award-winning draft beer.

Third Place by Half Full Brewery -- designed to be the third place in your life after home and work.

They believe it's always best to look on the bright side. They celebrate the risk takers, the dream makers, and the "who says we can't sayers".

They believe that thinking about what comes next is just as important as living in the moment. They value the tireless difference-makers who recognize that together we can make the world a better place, one beer, and one conversation at a time.

The Mill River Beer Garden, the new seasonal outdoor beer garden at the Whittingham Discovery Center opened mid-June. Folks can kick back on the patio or relax on the Discovery Center’s beautiful rooftop garden. Sip a drink while enjoying views of the Park, including the 9,000 sq ft interactive fountain just steps away.  The Mill River Beer Garden is open Friday & Saturday from 5:30pm – 9:30pm and 12pm – 6pm on Sundays.   

Celebrate the risk takers, the dream makers, and the "who says we can't sayers". ~ Third Place by Half Full Brewery

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