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Beer Zombies is a Las Vegas-based Craft Brewery, draft room, and bottle shop that dabbles in the dark arts of brewing. Established in 2013, Beer Zombies Brewing Co. brews up everything from Hazy IPAs, decadent stouts, fruited sours, and core clean beers. You will notice the owners’ love of horror films reflected in their can art, but don’t let it scare you away from their delicious beers. Founder and owner Chris Jacobs shares one of the company’s latest beers and some food-beer pairing suggestions.

Brewery - Beer Zombies Brewing Co

Beer - Zombie Duck Hunter 

Style - West Coast IPA 

Flavor/Aroma - Features Mosaic, Simcoe, Idaho 7 & Citra hops. Chock-full of a big, bold hop aroma, with a blast of hoppy bitterness all wrapped up with that classic pine and citrus we love.

Description - Take the can, open it, and drink — it’s Zombie Duck Hunter! Your trusty hunting zombie wades into the isles to flush out your beer. Suddenly, there's a can in the air! You've only got one chance to bag this beer, and if you miss, even your zombie laughs at you! But become a sharpshooting drinker, and you can bag the rest of the 4-pack.

Food Pairings

I'm a big fan of food and beer pairings. Let’s take a little journey with some classic and out-of-the-box pairing ideas for this beer.

Up first, Zombie Duck Hunter and Fried Chicken. The hoppiness and carbonation bring a refreshed palate cleanse after each drink, nothing better than the first bite of fried chicken over and over again.

Next up, Zombie Duck Hunter and Pizza. It's really hard to top this pairing, especially if you add a little spice to your pie. Hops can accentuate the spiciness of a dish, but at the same time, fats cut down on the bitterness of the hop. So, load up some spicy sausage on that pizza that's been overloaded with cheese, and enjoy.

Now that we have some bigger dish pairings out of the way, let's let a snack come play — Zombie Duck Hunter with French Fries. Top your fries with garlic, truffle, parmesan, and any and everything. Let the bold flavors of the IPA dance side by side with the big flavors and fried crispy potatoes. Here you get a little bit of everything in each bite, fat, heat, and big spice flavors that IPAs can stand up to while also adding the piney bitterness on the back end to really round out a delicious pairing.

Finally, let's grab dessert. That's right, a west coast IPA and dessert! I suggest Zombie Duck Hunter and Carrot Cake. With a super floral, citrus-forward, bitter beer, take a sweet dish like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and you end up with a contrasting pairing. The richness of the frosting and sweetness from the carrots takes out the bitterness of the beer, while the cake pulls out the great citrus notes.

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