Behind the scenes

A look at making the shoot

For the style issue, the Northlake City Lifestyle team headed by publisher Crysta Hobbs planned an ambitious, to say the least, photo shoot.

The results were beyond spectacular as you can see for yourself in the preceding pages featuring dresses from Malouf’s in Southlake.

We wanted to invite you in to see some of the behind-the-scenes work and introduce you to the hands that helped pull off this wonderful evening.

The Driver

Erick van’t Westeinder

The gorgeous orange 1971 Porsche 911 was provided by Erick van’t Westeinder, who drove in the 105-degree heat from Highland Park to the shores of Grapevine Lake without air conditioning for the photo shoot.

Van’t Westeinder, who owns the oil company Orange Energy Resources, has owned the car since he was 15.

“My dad gave it to me as my first car. I restored it on my own,” he said.

The 2012 TCU grad still loves to take the vintage 911 with its distinctive original orange paint job out.

He owns other 911s, which he calls the quintessential sports car, with its incredible handling, raw power and light weight.

The Model

Emily Tatum Boyd

The TWU dance student is not new to modeling or being center stage.

She started acting, dancing and competing in gymnastics in elementary school in Florida. In high school in Denton, she returned to acting and dancing.

She continues to act, recently starring in “Dancing in the Rain” with the Denton Theatre Company at the Campus Theatre.

She also started modeling for friends while in high school. She’s since taken a few different modeling opportunities.

“I do what comes to me. It’s my favorite thing. I love trying on different clothing,” Boyd said.

The TWU sophomore hopes to pursue music theatre after graduating.

The Photographer

Savanna Romano

At only 20, Romano has already compiled an impressive portfolio, including this most recent photoshoot.

She started shooting when she was just 7, and has already been a professional photographer for four years.

“It’s really been in the last two years that I’ve got serious about it,” Romano said. “I love capturing moments and capturing God’s beauty.”

Capturing images of Boyd with van’t Westeinder’s beautiful Porsche 911 was right up Romano’s alley. She loves shooting automobiles and wants to work shooting in the automotive space.

Working Behind the Scenes

Christina Oakley

Standing behind Romano taking pictures of the entire scene was photographer Christina Oakley.

When she was younger, Oakley would use her spending money to buy cameras and always loved taking pictures.

“I was always fascinated with photography and being able to freeze moments in time,” she said.

When her son was born, she wanted to be able to capture all the precious moments herself and bought her first DSLR. While on maternity leave she taught herself to shoot. 

Over time, friends and acquaintances asked her to take pictures. Slowly her desire to be a photographer full time grew. Last summer, she made the leap.

“I continue to learn and grow and find out the type of photography I enjoy. I’ve become more serious about it, and it’s been very rewarding,” Oakley said.

Hair and Makeup

Elisa Schmick

Keeping Boyd from melting in the sun and looking sharp was stylist Elisa Schmick.

Schmick is the owner of Hair by Elisa Mae. She has been a stylist for more than 19 years, inspired by her aunt. 

She currently has a station at Rogers Premier Salon Suites. 

"I have loved my career and continue to love and grow through it," Schmick said. "The number one thing that I love most about my career is that I get to help people feel amazing about themselves every day."

“I love capturing moments and capturing God’s beauty,”

Savanna Romano, photographer

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