Convenience at the Touch of a Finger

Easy Home Tech Updates

We’ve come a long way, baby! Long gone are the twisted, tangled phone cords and the shouts from our dads, “Don’t touch that thermostat!” The future is here. From cordless phones to remote control access around the globe, these hi-tech gadgets bring convenience home.


A wireless home security system is a self-installed, comprehensive home monitoring system that's entirely customizable to match your lifestyle. Sensors easily install to monitor entry, windows, and for water and fire. Video cameras are indoor and outdoor capable.

Smart Locks

Today’s smart locks have gotten even more intelligent. Most will pair with either Alexa or Google smart assistants and are easily accessed via an app on your smartphone. Many locks are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and provide an extra layer of security by notifying the homeowner when the door has been opened and by whom. Some locks have programmable fingerprint identification, so the whole family has access at the touch of a fingerprint.

Wireless Charging

Charging a cell phone has never been easier than with a wireless charger. Newer iPhones and almost all Android phones are equipped with wireless charging capability. No special equipment is necessary except for the charging pad itself. Charging pads and stands come in all shapes, sizes and designs to blend seamlessly into any décor.


With an HVAC system making up nearly 50% of the energy bill, many people are turning to automated thermostats. Intuitively programmable by merely turning the thermostat up and down during the learning period, the thermostat will get to know your preferred temperatures and even learn when you like them. Then it programs itself and creates a schedule unique to you, your family and home and can be adjusted remotely with a mobile phone.

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