Bella Holistics

Offering holistic, noninvasive skin care for those wanting to fight aging or repair skin damage

After years of personal experience using unsuccessful acne treatments, Christy Siverhus underwent her first facial and found that it worked wonders on her skin. Intrigued by the industry, Christy set out to learn more and became a licensed esthetician. As she grew professionally, her perspective on skin care grew as well, leading her to open Bella Holistics. Now with twenty-three years of experience, Christy offers a variety of holistic skin care options for her clients. 

“Through the years, I've developed a passion for helping people understand how to care for their skin by teaching them why their skin is behaving the way it is and helping them learn more about how our skin reacts to different things,” shares Christy. “I approach skincare from a holistic, noninvasive perspective, which means I use methods that do not harm the skin in order to get it to improve or change. Everything that we do is geared around helping to rebalance and restructure the skin cells, repair any damage that has been done over the years, and bring skin back to a youthful state in the most natural way possible.”

“A holistic approach starts with getting to know my client’s personality, their lifestyle to be able to set attainable goals. Adding corrective skincare with specific ingredients that target their needs is usually where I start and then we map out a treatment plan,” shares Christy. “I talk to our client through the facial about what products and devices I use and how they perform in order to get the results they want. We care about our clients, so we take their concerns into consideration and develop treatment plans which are customizable to assist them in reaching their goals. Sometimes it might seem like we’re doing cookie cutter treatments, but we truly customize them to whatever the client needs.”

Christy uses a variety of treatment modalities to target different skin issues. “With our non-invasive treatments, we're actually introducing things into the skin that allow the body to make changes on its own within a 30-day period,” shares Christy. “I love to work with different modalities like Microcurrent, Nano Infusions, and LED that complement each other to speed up healing and correction in the skin. This is where I can really customize treatments and focus on certain areas. All of our facial treatments work to encourage more collagen and elastin production to give that plump, firm skin that glows and also to give that lift.”

“Nano infusion, which is like a step down from micro needling, drives the serums and the ingredients further down into the skin so it can start working on initiating those responses,” explains Christy. Other treatments include light therapy, massage and manipulation techniques, and body contouring with some fat and weight loss reduction. 

The services offered through Bella Holistics benefit a variety a people who encounter a wide array of skin conditions and problems. “We offer services for acne, acne scarring, those who want to reduce scar tissue or reverse sun damage, and those who are experiencing laxity, wrinkles, and sagging skin from general aging” says Christy.

A huge benefit of holistic treatments includes minimal down time for clients after treatments. "A lot of medical cosmetic procedures can be painful, expensive, and require several days of staying out of the public eye while the skin heals. Ninety-nine percent of our treatments are non-invasive, pain free, are done within 1 hour, and require no downtime,” explains Christy. “As a result, they don’t have to take time off of work. They can go right back to their normal activities, which is attractive for individuals who cannot take time off of work for cosmetic procedures.”

Bella Holistics is located at 106 Pleasant Home Road, Suite 2-S in Augusta. For amazing before and after photos, to schedule an appointment, or get more information on services, treatments or products, visit or call 706-829-7533 with questions.

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